'Catholic' Andy Burnham Tells Andrew Lansley to Stop "Chasing Headlines"

Andy Burnham MP: Labour's Shadow Minister for Health
Greetings, readers.

The Telegraph today reports that Andrew Lansley has come in for some concerted criticism of the substantially increased workload created for the Care Quality Commission by The Telegraph's investigation into abortion clinics.

The paper's investigation into clinics gave some particularly bad PR to abortion clinics in the UK and, credit where it is due, Andrew Lansley has made good on his promise to investigate procedures at abortion clinics across the United Kingdom. That investigation is now well under way and abortion clinic workers, the BPAS and Marie Stopes International must feel rather like how Fred and Rose West felt as their house and garden in Cheltenham received a visit from the police. Hot under the collar and sweaty brows, indeed.

So, why the criticism? Well, perhaps there is an innate feeling among abortionists that because it is plain as day that abortion is by itself an act which no civilised society should endorse and that it is, when all is said and done, morally indefensible no matter how many 1970s slogans you throw at it,  the fact that abortion clinics are not upholding even the rather loose and basic restrictions placed upon the practice in the Abortion Act (1967), should be so unsurprising that nobody should be concerned about it. In fact, the act of killling a fetus is so morally unjustified that any investigation into it is morally unjustifiable. Ultimately, if you're allowing the taking of innocent human life in the womb for one reason why should it be appalling for human life to be taken for any given reason that walks through the door. If you're going to kill an innocent human being, does it really matter whether one doctor or two have signed the forms authorising the execution?

And, frankly, I can see their point. I mean, if you're going to let a gang of unrepentant murderers hover like vultures over a woman's private parts in a clinic so that you can kill her offspring, you'd feel pretty aggrieved if you were an abortionist and a Government minister is investigating you for something so risible as the standard of your documentation and the suspicion that you won't just do this for some women for some reasons, but for any women, for any reasons.

It's Holy Thursday today and no Holy Thursday would be complete without a Catholic taking it upon himself to start batting for the other team, while leaving the innocent to die without a word said, but, indeed unequivocable support for the opposition.  Step forward Andy Burnham, the 'Catholic' Labour Shadow Minister for Health who, as a good Catholic ready to forfeit morality for political points scoring for his earthly career, has, according to The Telegraph, accused Andrew Lansley MP of "chasing headlines" and 'seeking to divert attention away from the struggling health bill'.

Of course, the simple truth is that it is, in reality, highly unlikely that Andrew Lansley MP is "chasing headlines", because it is unlikely that Andrew Lansley MP is particularly pro-life in his outlook. It may be that the investigation is simply a cosmetic effort to reassure the public that despite what The Telegraph unveiled, the Government is committed to the ongoing slaughter in the womb and that this investigation will yield results which will require abortionists to conform to the guidelines in the future. Abortionists will reply, 'Of course, guv'nor. Never again, guv'nor," to the Government and then go back to what they do best: serial killing babies indiscriminately for many different reasons, none of which are morally justified.

Ah, but the other thing to consider is the cost. Apparently, this investigation will cost the Government an extra £1million. I don't know from quite where the pro-abortionists got that figure. Obviously, the abortion industry had few complaints to make against the Government for the long duration of time that it has been a recipient of vast sums of Government expenditure into their coffers for the explicit purpose of doing just what abortionists do for a living. Those scandalised by these investigations are doing the 'Wouldn't this money have been spent better on the elderly?' act because apparently abortionists are really very worried that the CQC's investigation of elderly care homes will be hampered by its increased workload thanks to the abortion clinic investigation.

Of course, people who kill unborn babies for a living love the elderly. Oh, hang on, isn't it at least some of the same people who most champion abortion who also champion the voluntary euthanising of the elderly? Could it really be? And these people are 'worried' about the 'cost'? The cost is, of course, 200,000 dead human fetuses a year and, given it is Holy Week, it is worth saying, the Sorrowful Passion and Death of Our Lord. If the Government spent £100 trillion on the investigation and the result was the closure of all abortion clinics and the imprisonment of the abortionists, that would be a price worth paying, but ultimately, as things stand, the ones who will most likely continue to pay the ultimate price for our sins are the innocent unborn. May the One who paid the ultimate price for them and their murderers and for all of us give political leaders the courage to defend the defenseless and to stop defending the indefensible.


Left-footer said…
As usual you have hit the nail right on the head, and left me nothing to say, but "Hear! Hear!"

Happy Easter (when it comes) and God bless!
Lynda said…
Would you have any interest in taking on the job of a Catholic Bishop??
Anonymous said…
Andy Burnham is also a supporter of 'gay marriage'. I remember this interview with him in the Tablet a few years back: