Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Everything's Going in the Right Direction

Not an Olympic stadium: GCHQ
Everything's going in the right direction, if the Government is trying to build a surveillance or police State in the model of 1984.

Ken Clarke has today appealed to us to accept 'secret courts' because, er, that's what the US Government would like us to do.

Meanwhile, bloggers beware, because the Government also wants GCHQ to have wider access to every UK citizen's emails, social network accounts, mobile texts and phone calls. Both moves are being justified 'in the national interest' and in the interest of 'national security'. That is, the Government's interest at the cost of our liberty and, indeed, 'security'. It is worth noting that both Ken Clarke and George Osborne are members, or, at least, participants of the secretive Bilderberg club that meets annually to 'discuss' global affairs.

Anyway, its Holy Week, so we shouldn't be thinking about any conspiracy theories save for the conspiracy that led to the Passion and Death of Our Blessed Lord who allowed Himself to be handed over to a band of the wicked in the name of 'national security' and to shed His Precious Blood for our salvation.

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Anonymous said...

DARE I say, good comment! notwithstanding that you and I may, even bow, be in the process of being secretly tried.

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