"Wrap up Warm and Wear an Anorak..."

Looks like rain tomorrow for the annual Gay Pride parade in Brighton.

Ah...that's a shame.

Keep praying and maybe the downpour will be torrential...


Danny said…
Remember your brolly when you furtively attend said event!
No can do.

I'm gardening!
Newman Supporter said…
Isn't gardening a euphamism for cottaging akin to 'walking the dog'?
georgem said…
One thing always strikes me about Pride events and that is the number of gay men who dress up as grotesque parodies of women.
Surely it's not a sign of contempt for the female gender.
It's very puzzling.

No. Gardening is weeding, mowing the lawn, pruning...

Oh, they're all euphemisms too, aren't they?

One track mind, NS, one track mind.
georgem said…
In God's garden, many blooms, many bloomers.

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