Sunday, 15 August 2010

The LMS Announces its First Ever Walking Pilgrimmage to Walsingham...

How exciting...just imagine making a pilgrimmage that doesn't end up with a folk-guitar Mass!

'The Latin Mass Society is organising a Walking Pilgrimage from Ely to Walsingham from Friday 20 August to Sunday 22 August. There is a noble tradition of walking pilgrimages to Walsingham which the LMS wishes to revive. The pilgrimage is inspired by the great Paris to Chartres Traditional annual walking pilgrimage which attracts thousands of young participants.

The LMS pilgrims will leave Ely on Friday 20 August after a 7.00 am blessing in Ely Cathedral. Accommodation will be in tents. There will be daily Mass in the Traditional Latin Rite concluding with a Traditional Mass in the Chapel of Reconciliation at Walsingham at 2.30 pm on Sunday 22 August. This will be open to all.

The pilgrimage will be restricted to adults for this year whilst any practical problems are ironed out. It is hoped it will be much larger next year. Dr Joseph Shaw, LMS Chairman, said: “I am very excited by this pilgrimage – it’s the sort of practical and challenging devotion which young people in particular find of great benefit. This is just one of the evangelical activities by which the LMS is responding to Pope Benedict’s call for a fresh presentation of the Faith in Europe”. For registration and full details potential pilgrims should e mail the organiser, Paul Smeaton, on or telephone the LMS office on 020 7404 7284.'

I should add that the cost of the Pilgrimmage is £60 per pilgrim, but those in financial need are encouraged to pay what they can afford. Pilgrims will meet at Ely campsite on the evening of Thursday 19th August and the pilgrimmage will start with a blessing in Ely Cathedral at 7am on Friday 20th. 


epsilon said...

I'd love to have gone (with my pop up:) but unfortunate or fortunately I'll be in Rome for the first time in my life with my two kids! Hope it goes well, and continues to grow and flourish!

Conservative catholic said...

i suppose you'll be going not-a=Lorra-laughs and not paying your own way as usual

Mary had a little lamb said...

Maybe they'll be a bomb scare when you get tere, like in Lourdes yesterday?

pelerin said...

Oh the bomb scare! That was quite an experience. There was no panic as the officials evacuated all the sections bit by bit. The outdoor Mass for the French pilgrimage, with 30,000 present according to the local Lourdes paper, had just finished and we were all making our way to different places.

I took the opportunity of going to the baths. I came out of the icy water feeling euphoric and walked towards the Grotto not even noticing that there were only a few people sitting there! I heard a strange siren noise in the distance and various announcemnts in foreign languages but I found it easy to ignore. What must have been several minutes later I realised that there was no queue leading into the Grotto. Instead there was a dog handler and a very large dog with 'DOUANES' on his coat sniffing round the Grotto (the dog not the handler!)I learnt later he was called Hocco (again the dog not the handler!)

That was when I started to listen to the announcement and with a start realised it was telling everyone to leave by the nearest exit 'for security reasons.'

Bomb disposal units were helicoptered in from Toulouse and many hundreds of people waited paiently outside the gates. It was strange to see the domaine so bereft of pilgrims. I went to have something to eat and returned to see if the afternoon Rosary was able to take place as usual in the grotto. Sadly the gates were still closed but a young priest had started to say the Rosary outside and we all spilled out into the road and joined in loudly above the noise of the traffic finishing with some well known French Marian hymns. I understand another group did the same at the other main gate. This impromptu prayer time was deeply moving. So many people had come to join in the celebrations for this great Feast day and they were not going to let a hoax bomb threat stop them from celebrating it in some way.

After some four hours the bomb disposal units eventually were satisfied that there were no bombs present and we were all allowed in to the grounds of the domaine where the daily Procession of the Blessed Sacrament took place a little later than usual. The authorities must be congratulated in the way they handled the evacuation safely and swiftly (including one Mass which had to be finished elsewhere).

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