Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Homeless Banned from Brighton Station?

I am used to walking to and from Church and on the way always walk through the Station.

For a while now, I've noticed that there are no homeless people around the station area. Usually, you would always see one homeless person outside Budgens and one outside the pub opposite. So, noting the complete absence of any begging whatsoever, I asked the guy serving in Budgens last night where all the homeless had gone.

He said, "It is nothing to do with us, the Council have banned homeless people from the Station area."

Nice, eh? Welcome to Brighton, where tolerance is meted out with an iron fist. Here, we embrace diversity as long as you're earning above a certain threshold a year. I also notice a complete absence of homeless people all of a sudden at Victoria Station in London. Seems to me that for a city that embraces hedonism and has always had something of an appeal to the 'dirty weekender', Brighton and Hove City Council have decided to go in for a bit of 'cleansing'. Brighton is so fake.

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feline1 said...

Begging has been illegal for over a century, they've just decided to enforce it for a change. Now if they'd just bother to remove the bicycles chained to the fencing outside Budgens and the cars parked on the double yellow No Loading stripes on Queen's Road too, the pedestrian approach to the station might finally start to look less like Calcutta.

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