Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cardinal Burke on the Population Control Agenda

"The secular form of coercion can also be seen in the United Nations which makes its support for third-world countries dependent upon the provision of contraception and abortion.A thinly-disguised population control agenda is steadfastly at work in the sheep’s clothing called “maternal health.” The agenda, in fact, has nothing to do with maternity and nothing to do with health. We cannot be deceived. There is no greater issue facing human dignity today than the relentless attack on human life, the integrity of the human body. It is the plight of those who are born into a twofold poverty, the poverty of their personal circumstances and the poverty of the developing world."
 ~ Cardinal Raymond Burke

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Martina Katholik said...

I´d like to translate this into German and put it on my blog, but where did you get this from? I couldn´t find this quote in the internet.

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