Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Archbishop Diamurd Martin: Don't Use Slogans to Defend Unborn

Slogans, eh! What did they ever do for human rights?
‘No matter what legislation is in place in any nation and no matter how such legislation will change, the Church will continue to teach about the dignity of each human life and how the direct and wilful destruction of human life is never acceptable.  Our challenge is to witness to that truth not through slogans but through the witness of life that we give.  If we do not focus on the quality and the integrity of our witness to the convictions of our conscience and our belief, then what we say will appear, to quote Pope Francis, as being “cold, impersonal and oppressive for people’s day-to-day lives”.
~ Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Protect the Pope is right to be critical of these remarks made during a homily at a Mass at St Dominick's Church, Dublin this past weekend. The pro-abortion camp are not shy and never have been of using slogans to propagandise for their cause of death. If it is not met by slogans that defend the unborn child and mother then the battle over truth is only going to go the way of those who employ lies to justify the massacre of the innocent unborn. That Archbishop Martin said this despite a turn out of 60,000 at the Rally for Life, it hardly sends to them a message of the Church's passionate and steadfast support. The Catholic Church's Shepherds should surely be leading the Laity in defending the unborn, rather than the Laity leading the Church to do so.

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Lynda said...

Thank you. Archbishop Martin and the other Irish bishops have been conspicuous by their absence in the hard and lonely fight against abortion in Ireland these past 30 years. Not any of them leading, comforting and giving witness with those of us at the Dail on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week as the Dail passed an egregiously unjust, unconstitutional and irrational bill which purports to legalise the wilful killing of innocent babies in their mothers' wombs. St Michael protect us.

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