Propaganda and Persuasion: The Century of the Self

How the masses were socially engineered and manipulated by Government and Big Business into accepting a  new role as autonomous, self-determining consumers. If you've got a spare four hours, a very interesting documentary.


Nicolas Bellord said…
Should I admit to having four spare hours? Well I thought I would just take a look at the beginning but in the end watched the whole thing. I found the first half fascinating and the second half less so. But it was a fascinating overview of Freud and Marcuse - in respect of the latter I was fairly ignorant but now know something.

It is interesting in that Freud seemed to be trying to work out what to do about our fallen nature in order to tame it. Marcuse seems to be saying that we should give in to our fallen nature and act it out discarding all society's rules. It showed one appalling result of this with the convent of 300 nuns who followed up his ideas with most of them leaving the religious life and a small remnant turning to lesbianism. It was a real eye-opener for me as to the forces that now drive the "anything goes" culture we now have to-day intent on destroying Christian civilisation.