A Small Homeless Survey in Brighton

I attended, last night, the memorial Mass of a Polish man, aged 28, who committed suicide in the wake of losing his job in Brighton.

Pray for his soul and the countless friends who turned up for a memorial Mass. His body has been sent back to his parents in Poland and his friends are understandably devastated.

Some general and anonymous info from the Homeless Nightshelter project which may interest readers. What stunned me was the proportion of men who are from Eastern Europe who do not want to claim benefits because they want to work.

14 men: no drug addicts or people with substance or alcohol issues.

Polish male: Left homeless accommodation in Brighton, was unhappy there, now homeless.

British male: Left homeless accommodation, was unhappy there.

British male: Lost flat in another town. Came to Brighton. Was made to 'go back' by Rough Sleepers Team, but didn't work. Had mental breakdown, came back.

British male: Broke up with partner. Lived with girlfriend. Was not his tenancy - made homeless.

British male: Unable to access hostel support. Told he does not have 'significant issues'. Was in London hostel, lack of funding so left.

British male: Harrassment from neighbour and anti-social behaviour in other city. Left to come to Brighton.

Polish male: Lost job and lost housing in London. Now rough sleeping in Brighton.

Polish male: Lost job and lost housing in London. Now rough sleeping in Brighton.

British male: Couldn't afford rent, last rented in other county, could not afford it.

Slovakian male: Was in temporary hostel in London, but placement was temporary.

British male: Nowhere to stay in Brighton. Left supported accommodation in another town to be close to family and partner in Brighton.

Czech male:  Came to look for work. Was with Aunt in Czech Republic.

British male: Fleeing assault and violence in hostel in other part of country, so came to Brighton.

Australisian Male: People staying with moved, last july shared a house in Brighton, lived in Caravan, but now homeless.  

Cheery stuff, eh? They're all men, so tonight I'll let them know that if Cameron changes the definition of marriage, the door will be open for them to all get married to each other with a year or two. That'll help them. Isn't all this 'equality' stuff just so inspiring?