Freaky Predictive Text Glitch and IBM

Type 'HAM' into your mobile phone on predictive text.  The first word that comes up on my predictive text is 'IBM'. A bit weird, right?

That'll be IBM...the biggest information technology company in the World. The company without whose technology, Hitler would never have been able to enact the Final Solution.

Just to satisfy my inquisitive mind, perhaps a reader could just check whether the same thing happens on their predictive text and let me know in the com-box.


pelerin said…
That is really weird.

Predictive text - I hate it. When I first had a mobile my son put it on predictive text and I was unable to sign off as Mum as it came out as nun each time! And as for recognising town names - Worthing where my son lived at the time was an impossibility as I was soon to find out.
Physiocrat said…
Why on earth were you typing HAM?
The Bones said…
Great question, but I can only divulge the content of texts to Samsung, GCHQ and IBM.
Lynda said…
I hate predictive too, though a recent offering by it made me laugh out loud - I was sending a message to a friend whose name is "Mairead", which it cheekily amended to read "airhead"!
Richard said…
On my Motorola it suggests Ganzhou, which is a city in China.

Perhaps that's where my phone was made, but Google didn't find a mobile phone factory there.