Introducing Brother Felix...

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "So what is this guy listening to in his white van?" This week I have been listening to The Beautiful South album 'Carry on Up the Charts' which I bought for 50p from a Car Boot Sale at the Brighton Racecourse on Sunday. I also bought The Best of David Essex, which is just pure comedy, also for just 50p. What bargains! There are, it has to be said, only two stand out tracks, of which this is probably the most outstanding. I have to buy CDs for my van because the radio doesn't have reception.

David Essex. Classic. I hear he is in Eastenders now.

George and Diane were kind enough to buy me this delightful nodding monk called (from now) Brother Felix. I love him and I'm not selling him, partly because its a gift and partly because I rather like him. Isn't he fun!? Readers, Brother Felix, Brother Felix, readers. He's good at answering questions concerning the hot Catholic issues of the day. So why not let's ask him a couple?

Today he answers questions concerning the issue of homosexuality and the Catholic Faith. Brother, what say you on the thorny and troublesome issue of homosexuality and the Church's unpopular Teaching. Is She right and free from error in this matter and, indeed, all matters concerning Faith and Morals?

That looks like a yes! The Church has spoken, we had no need for a mystical friar, but a mystical friar we have in Brother Felix, who is, I think, something of an ascetic Franciscan who sits atop of my fish tank. Brother, what say you on the thorny issue of homosexuality and the Church's Infallible teaching? Do those who challenge the Church's Teaching on homosexuality have any sound theological basis for their strange doctrines? Is there any way Church teaching could or should change?

Sorry, boys. It looks like this matter is now well and truly settled. Yet will the pronouncements of this holy friar make a difference to those who seek to subvert, undermine or destroy the Catholic Church? Only time will tell...Can I get this thing blessed?


Laurance Man................. BRILLIANT