Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Advertisement Break

Catering for all your van needs in South East England
I have set up a website for a new operation with my van. Gardening, house clearances, deliveries, light removals are my main ideas so far, but with a little help from a Government grant, I'm sure I could find people with cleaning NVQs, catering NVQs, plumbing and decorating and plastering NVQs who have nothing to do during the day.

In my head I have a lot of ideas of how this van could maybe one day bring employment to myself and certain people I know, as part of David Cameron's Big Society vision, but as our MPs have emphatically made clear, this society is not big enough to advise counselling outside of the abortion industry (that wants people to have abortions) for people procuring abortions (who are not always sure).

All in all, its a rather small society at the end of the day, isn't it, and one that doesn't really like the very small? I must say I find this video of Nick and Dave laughing their heads off after Nadine Dorris's amendment was put in clinical waste is rather distasteful. If you had hoped the Lib Dems without Evan Harris (former MP) would be less viciously anti-life, then I guess you may be disappointed, but perhaps not terribly surprised.

If you need anyone with a van or a gardener or anything, just give me an email at the sidebar, especially if you want me to clear your house after you've decided to sell all your own, give to the poor and join a religious order...Also, if you want to go on pilgrimage in the UK, I can be your support vehicle, for a fee.

If you haven't read it, do read Fr Ray Blake's post on the local Hove MP who is doing fantastic promotional work for those who still believe that homosexuals should never hold any public office, ever. It isn't a view I hold, of course, but with people like Wetherley around, I can see why people used to think that and why some still might...

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me said...

If you lived nearer (or I did, I would certainly hire and advertise your services. It's so hard to find a man with a van, one you can trust, these days. The man, not the van, that is!

I do have a cousin in Brigton, so I'll let them know, if they are ever moving etc.

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