Saturday, 3 September 2011

Voris Talk in London

What do you think then?


Forward Boldly said...

Love it.

me said...

I have listened to the audio of this last week on another blog. What do I think? I trust Joseph Shaw's view, posted on his blog a week or so ago (even though I don't always agree with him!)I think that is the issue for me, just because someone appears to be saying the right things, how do I know I can trust them? Joseph Shaws summing up, like it or lump it, stems from his decades of obedient Catholicism, so his word is his bond, literally, as much as one can muster trust in this world these days, his word muster's it. As I say, it is not necessary for me to agree with, or even like a person, in order to be able to trust them. I base trust on other things.

Michael Voris is very slowly opening up about his life, who he is, what his motives are. I still have no real idea of who he is, just what he thinks other catholics are, especially bishops and clergy and politicians.
I knew more about Father Corapi, look where that led us!

I can't believe how quickly folks have started to raise this man up as a prophet almost, a voice crying in the wilderness for the state of the Church, in view of the recent scandal of Fr Corapi.
I don't know Michael Voris, but I know me, I am no leader, no teacher, of truth. The most I can hope to be, especially on blogger, is a pointer to those who are true teachers and trustworthy men and women, defenders of the faith and evangelists of it.

Perhaps Michael Voris will prove to be this, but he hasn't yet become someone I would point people towards.

I still listen to Father Corapi's talks on youtube. Comments are still being made by newcomers to his words, saying how wonderful he is.

The devil can quote scripture, but we don't make him a beacon for the faithful and say, at least he's preaching it how it is, do we? I am not saying Michael Voris is in any way a fraud, I am saying he is not tried and tested.

Joseph Shaw can pick the bones (pardon the pun) out of his words, both theologically and intellectually, I can't. So, I listen to him. But even he may be persuaded due to orthodox sounding words.

I hope all is as good as it seems, however. The thought of young people regaining a strong faith is wonderful.

Just don't exclude the liberals, Christ doesn't. Also we must obey our spiritual leaders, they have to answer to God, on our behalf one day. Michael will not be called upon to vouch for any of us. Father Corapi may yet.

The Church's only released statements about Michael Voris are to say that his ministry is in no way affiliated with Rome, officially.

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