We are the Titanic...

The United Kingdom, Europe and the US that is, not the Catholic Church.

The parallels are similar...The liner pilots of the country drove too fast to break new pay records (bankers, politicians etc), in a bid to make the liner attractive to the super-rich, then hit an iceberg (sub-prime mortgages and attending banking crisis) and now the UK and the Eurozone are going down very quickly indeed.

Now for the fate of the 'third class' voyagers. Surely a Government has to pass a bill before it informs the terminally ill (unproductive) that their benefits may be cut from next April, if, or as the Government hopes, when, such a bill is passed? The very rich will ride the economic catastrophe playing out before our eyes at the moment, but it looks like the 'safety net', for what that net is worth (net worth?),  is about to be cut. Mind you, the women and children rule doesn't really apply any longer does it? New third class voyagers include old men and women who will be cut and as for the unborn, that cutting procedure started long ago...I expect there is a link there somewhere. The escape boats are for foreign investors, obviously.


Paddy said…
Laurence, do me a favour will you - I can't remember in which particular speech the HF talked about a smaller, more dedicated Church. Can you remember? I know he has said words to this effect several times, so any one will do. If you can remember will you post it as a reply in your comm box? Sorry to abuse your blog, but I know you've discussed it before and I really want to read the original text. Cheers, Paddy
georgem said…
Paddy, try this:


The prediction goes back to 1969.

Sorry, you'll have to cut and paste, but it will give you a start.
Paddy said…
Nice one, cheers! Much appreciated, Paddy
Physiocrat said…
I thought the steerage passengers drowned due to insufficient lifeboats, being deemed unnecessary as the ship was unsinkable.