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Auctions: Buy cheap, sell high
Well, that was a busy day. I received a call today and spent the day moving furniture and antiques bought by a young Israeli chap who owns a shop in Kemptown. He had invested in goods for his shop at Scarborough Fine Arts Auction House in Southwick and I was called to assist him in moving his new stock. He said he misses Israel everyday, describing it as paradise. I guess he must have lived in a nice part of it!

As well as paying me for my services, he was also kind enough to donate to me a TV, freeview box, video player, two mahogany cabinets and a huge wooden cabinet. I don't know what to do with them now, but there we go, perhaps I can sell them at a car boot sale that I am planning to do on Saturday in Shoreham, as there is still stuff from St Mary Magdalen's that needs to be sold which has rested in the garage for a long time.

Slowly, the van is coming into its own. We did two runs to the auction houses and managed to fill the van both times. He did make an offer to me to sell his stuff at car boot sales and split the profits 50/50, which I may take him up on in future. It is incredible how cheap he managed to pick up some great stuff. I'd love to buy stuff too but I have what they call a 'cash flow' problem at the moment, so am unable to actually buy stuff in order to sell it on, but in a little time, who knows. I have another job tomorrow. Anyway, enough of my wheeling and dealing business, here's someone who is doing something that is actually beautiful (if perhaps painful) and Christian. His name is David Aron and he is doing a walk for The Good Counsel Network that makes the LMS Walsingham Pilgrimage look like, er, a walk in the park...

Our Lady of Good Counsel
Walking to Defend Life

David is walking the entire length of the Thames Path Way (184 miles long) in eight days (Fri 07 Oct 11 - Fri 14 Oct 11) for The Good Counsel Network.

As we know, the Good Counsel Network is a pro-life charity that helps women in the most difficult and desperate situations with financial, moral and spiritual support, who would otherwise feel they have no other option than to have an abortion. Their work is founded on the beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church. The centres are open to all women regardless of background or beliefs. If you want to find out more about them visit or visit their blog.

The Thames Path Way Walk

The Thames Path Way (184 miles long) follows the course of the Thames River from the source (near Kemble, Gloucestershire) to the Thames Barrier (London). David will be walking the Thames Path Way solo and averaging 23 miles per day whilst carrying all his kit (tent, sleeping system and food etc), which will weigh approximately 28 lbs (12.7 kg), for eight days (Fri 07 Oct 11 – Fri 14 Oct 11).

On the first morning of his walk (Fri 07 Oct 11) he will hear the Traditional Latin Mass at St Dominic’s (Dursley, Gloucestershire). After completing his walk (Fri 14 Oct 11) he will hear the Traditional Latin Mass at Corpus Christi (Maiden Lane, Central London) in the evening, which the Latin Mass Society organises for the work of the Good Counsel Network.

Every donation, however small or large, is an essential contribution to the continuation of the great work that The Good Counsel Network does by saving thousands of unborn lives. 184 miles. Good grief. I hope he has a stick. I'll stick some money in his online tin. Come on, readers, be generous and give him some of your money. As it happens, David, I saw a beautiful icon of Our Lady of Good Counsel today and didn't know that it was her. She sold for apparently £190 at the auction. I couldn't have bought her anyway, but the painting had beautiful little gems around the outside on the frame. I wish I had my camera today. For those interested in the auction at Scarborough Fine Arts click here for their upcoming auction which should be in late October.

Support David and The Good Counsel Network today by clicking here. Our Lady of Good Counsel, ora pro nobis.


Good Counsel said…
Thanks very much for mentioning David's walk (and thanks very much to David for doing it).
God bless, Clare
georgem said…
I suppport this splendid orgnisation. It has a wishlist on Amazon for buggies, clothes for mothers and babies, etc. for the mothers who have decided not to abort.
I do wish the Good Counsel Network would ask bishops and priests for permission to have a collection on a Sunday. I'm sure they could find willing volunteers.
Good Counsel said…
Thanks Georgem
We do in fact have a small number of collections in parishes around London. There is one in Mortlake this weekend in fact and anyone interested in helping at them, or helping to expand them, is welcome to get in touch with Conor on 02077231740 or at or they can sign up for texts or emails about collections and other events here:

God bless, Clare
georgem said…
PS You could try the local auctioneer Raymond Inman who might be able to help you shift some of the stuff.
You never know that what looks bog-standard to you might be worth more than you think and will raise money for a good cause.
His Hove auctions happen every two weeks.
Anonymous said…
How much money would it take to provide a stock for you from which you could realistically start to trade?
Campionsbrag said…
How much money would it take to get you a stock sufficient to allow you to start to trade independently?