In Honour of the Old Translation of the Novus Ordo


shadowlands said…

Jesus knows how much you love Him and want to be in His presence, you know. He is very close to you, in Him you live, move and have your being!

That's why he gave you a taste of what will be! This world is fleeting.

If you're feeling nostalgic, you could do with watching this Documentary from youtube. The old days weren't all fun. They were bloomin cold, for starters!!

"Why I Hate The Sixties" (2004)

I haven't watched it all, so not sure of the ending, maybe something to do with Vatican 2 (not really) haha!
Physiocrat said…
E Strobes of Private Eye could have penned a suitable piece of verse in honour of its passing.
georgem said…
I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear this at my parish.
Florence Wigon said…
If you really want to stay with the old translation check out Wrexham diocese!
Physiocrat said…
I would have thought Auld Lang Syne would have been more appropriate.