With Christ or Against Christ: There is Nothing In Between

The quote in black is from His Holiness.

The quote in white is from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today sees also the release of an incredible (as in unbelievable) account of current affairs within the Church seen from the unique perspective of Fr Antonio Spadaro.  I really don't know where to start with the Spadaro interview. A response from One Peter Five can be read here. But in Spadaro, we are reassured that the sock puppetry continues apace. As goes Fr Spadaro's Twitter accounts so goes the Church.


viterbo said…
VII renders the Papacy pointless. But a remnant (not of the Matt mileu), but of real priests committed to Christ in opposition to belial, are the only current visible Church.
Mark Thomas said…
We must give thanks to Jesus Christ for having established the Papacy. Jesus has assured us that His Holiness Pope Francis has been granted supreme authority to teach, govern, and sanctify the Holy People of God.

Therefore, we know that he who hears Pope Francis (and the bishops in communion with Pope Francis) hears the voice of Jesus Christ. God guides us to His Truth via Pope Francis and bishops in communion with Pope Francis — God's holy Magisterium.

To return to the Holy People of God, the Church teaches the following: "The entire body of the faithful, anointed as they are by the Holy One, cannot err in matters of belief."

In turn, via the Sacred Mysteries, the entire Church — Church Triumphant, Church Militant, and Church Suffering — expresses Her unwavering belief that Pope Francis is the orthodox Chief Shepherd of the True Church.

When, for example, God's holy priests offer the TLM, they commemorate His Holiness Pope Francis via the Roman Canon. Via the sure and certain prayers of the Roman Canon, God's holy priests express the Church's universal belief that Pope Francis holds "to the truth," and hands "on the Catholic and Apostolic Faith."

The True Church, Triumphant, Militant, and Suffering, is united at that moment in Her commemoration of Pope Francis. At that moment, the Holy People of God are united with God's holy priestsas they manifest their belief that Pope Francis holds the "Catholic and Apostolic Faith."

The Holy People of God testify daily to the belief that Pope Francis is in good standing with the True Church as he holds the "Catholic and Apostolic Faith."

The universal commemoration of His Holiness during the Divine Liturgy constitutes holy testimony to Pope Francis' orthodoxy.

The bottom line to all of the above is that despite difficulties that some may have, for example, with Amoris Laetitia, the Faith of the Church, the Faith of the Holy People of God, is that Pope Francis is orthodox.

Pope Francis, as God's holy priest and His Holy People proclaim during each Divine Liturgy, is the orthodox Chief Shepherd of the True Church. God has authorized Pope Francis to teach, govern, and sanctify us.

I offer the above to my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Let us take comfort that despite any controversy that may exist within the Church, the Catholic Church proclaims Her unwavering belief that Pope Francis is our true and orthodox Chief Shepherd.

As long as we remain attached to the Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis, God will protect us from falling into schism/heresy.


Mark Thomas

"In the Apostolic See, the Catholic Religion has always been preserved Immaculate."

— The Faith of the True Church, as expressed in the ancient Creed of Pope Saint Hormisdas (529 A.D.)

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