What Part of the Resistance are you?

Vive La Resistance!

I do rather have the suspicion the kind of resistance Pope Francis likes is the obedient, compliant, docile or sycophantic resistance that accepts every attack on Christian morals coming from his entourage as the breeze of the Holy Spirit. But then, I would say that, what being a part of the malevolent, just plain evil (albeit not curial) resistance taking refuge in tradition (don't forget gin) while watching the corporeal nemesis of Sacred Tradition do his worst upon the Mystical Body of Christ.

In his own words, the following is a break-down of the resistance within (but not only within) the Roman Curia who have, as expected, been taken 'down a peg or two' during another Christmas address, the latest insults of which form a pattern of behaviour by the Pope which, in terms of managerial style we can perhaps call 'unique'.

Francis embracing the good resistance.
Good Resistance

According to Pope Francis there is resistance that arises from good will and sincere dialogue. ('Spadaro, love your work. Try to reign in the sock puppets over Christmas. I can count those unquestionably loyal to me on two hands and a foot, but you, I just love what you do. Keep up the good work, I need resistance like yours. I depend on it. It keeps me level-headed.')

Hidden Resistance
Pope Francis uses the word "nascoste" to describe this type of resistance, which has the meaning of covert, underhand and stealthy. He says this resistance arises from petrified or frightened hearts that speak empty words in the spirit of the "Gattopardismo" (A reference to a character in an Italian novel and film) who verbally says he is ready to change, but wants everything to remain as before. (The Vatican translates "Gattopardismo" as 'spiritual window dressing'). "Gatopardismo or lampedusiano" is an Italian political term that has its origin in the novel El gatopardo, by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896-1957). It refers to a political approach of "changing something so that nothing changes". ('To the unconvinced, I say, be convinced. Fear not, be ye rigid not, nor faint or fail ye frightened hearts. Do not be afraid. It is I. Trust me, for I have overcome the Church. What I'm saying is, don't you be like the next part of the resistance')

Malevolent Resistance [resistenze malevole]
Pope Francis told the Roman Curia that malevolent resistance came from distorted minds which occurs when the devil inspires "cattive" intentions, bad or wicked intentions [che germogliano in menti distorte e si presentano quando il demonio ispira intenzioni cattive]. He said that such malevolent resistance often appears "under the guise of lambs". This last type of resistance hides behind words of self-justification, and accusations, taking refuge in traditions, in appearances, in formalities, in what is known, or wanting to make everything personal without distinguishing between the act, the actor and the action. ('You know who you are, you evil, traitorous, dubia supporting bastards. Of all people I thought it would be hard to break, I knew you traddies would be a job and a half. But I thought I knew you, and still you betrayed me. Pinto was right about you. Scum. That's what you are. Scum.')

One just wonders: What part of the resistance might be the world's largest global Catholic media organ available in several different languages, in several different languages, with online, radio and TV channels, EWTN? Will it soon be only The Tablet and America Magazine giving the Holy Father the unequivocal 'thumbs up'? I think it might be. In a day or two, I will, with the great mass of humanity be taking refuge in the tradition known as 'celebrating the birth of our glorious Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ'. That'll be one tradition, His Holiness himself will be upholding, right?

Have a happy Christmas you beautiful, rigid, self-absorbed promethan neo-pelagian resisters of reform for Christ! 

That Christmas Curia speech in full...
Amid scathing insult,
'Tis in mirth we exult in the happiest time!
It's the wonderful time!
It's the most wonderful time!
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Vive, la resistance!


Don't forget this classic condemnation of the liberal progressives in the Church by Mother Angelica:
But that was 1993. And have things got any better?
“I think that Amoris Laetitia has created an open and interesting debate within the Catholic Church thanks to Francis, a Pope who never blocks dialogue, if it is loyal and motivated by the good of the Church.” (Fr. Antonio Spadaro)
So dialogue with the Protestants is fine, because they are motivated by ‘the good of the Church’?
Dialogue with the Moslems is fine, because they are motivated by ‘the good of the Church’?
Dialogue with atheists is fine, because they are motivated by ‘the good of the Church’?
Dialogue with active homosexuals is fine, because they are motivated by ‘the good of the Church’?
Dialogue with abortionists is fine, because they are motivated by ‘the good of the Church’?
But dialogue with faithful Catholics who want the Pope to clarify a few issues is not fine?
It reminds me of the people who rant on incessantly about toleration but refuse to be tolerant towards people who have opinions different to their own.
Or even the people who are all in favour of democracy – until the people actually want something different from them.
I wouldn't count on him upholding the tradition of bending the knee at the "et incarnatus est" and the consecration.
Mary Kay said…
Highland Cathedral & Deacon Augustine, you're so right. I want to wish a blessed Christmas (is that allowed?) to all of you rigid, promethean neo-pelagian,.....etc (I'm forgetting all of the adjectives, but I certainly intend them)Catholics. Fortunately, we know Who wins. God bless you, Laurence, your family, and all who read this.
Lepanto said…
What a bloody awful man! Is there no end to his malice?
As an atavistic Irish-Injun Trad, ABS likes to have a nice glass of quality Cabernet at this time of year and to remember the warm thoughts of Hilaire Belloc;

Noel. Noel, Noel, Noel
May all my enemies go to hell.
M. Prodigal said…
I hope to be that kind of resister that will be faithful to Christ and His Holy Church even unto death. Persecution and marginalization may come but may my faith not waver.
Anonymous said…
Yes, unfortunately we all know who the boss is.......till the Master will be back. Merry Christmas, Mr.Bones, may God protect us.
Anthony said…
"Let us allow ourselves to be challenged by the children who are not allowed to be born." So says our Pope for Christmas. A tragedy of this papacy, far outstripping the debates with which traddies are concerned, is the failure of Francis to launch a cogent assault on abortion from a liberal, anti-capitalist perspective. The casual discarding of the most innocent life as an obstacle to self-gratification.

He has nearly managed it on a couple of occasions but has lost his nerve and has failed to conjoin the destruction of life in utero with the many other depredations of our Mammonised world. Ditto our pitiful bishops here, of course, with a couple of exceptions. It has been a disastrous failure too of Burke and others - of you too Mr Bones - that they did not see the opportunity to exploit this Pope's high standing in liberal circles for pro-life purposes. So busy have you all been with doctrinal and liturgical purity that you have missed the main chance to start a serious fightback against the civilisation death. Ah well, at least there will be proper vestments and fine words wherever you foregather and only the righteous will presume to receive the Lord.

Happy Christmas one and all.
Unknown said…
In the end, I think this will all play out like the Ottavani Intervention--resistance will ultimately die down. 10 years from now a divorced and remarried "catholic" receiving Communion will be as commonplace as an unveiled woman in short shorts attending a novus ordo Mass is today.

Seattle Kim
Anonymous said…
Dear Anthony, there's nothing more to be done to save our civilisation, it died centuries ago with the French revolution, now we see a corpse, maybe a ghost, only God can save our souls.
Andrew said…
E. Michael Jones has a lot to say on how the enemies of the good always combine usury and sexual sin to destroy that which they seek to destroy. The current wars in the Middle East are about implementing Rothschild banking in those countries that have hitherto avoided it. Once Rothschild banking is in place, next comes sexual liberation.

Sadly, the Church has dropped its opposition to usury - Rothschild banking - so now its enemies are on to the next step in that diabolical plan.

Watch Professor Jones' interview, "Banking and Sodomy, Part 1":


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