Rumours Circulate of Invalid Election of Cardinal Bergoglio

It wasn't white smoke at all.

It was the escape valve for the Vatican crack pipe.

I guess that's what happens when you invite Latin Americans to a conclave.

All joking aside, I agree with Rorate that, going by Cardinal Kasper's own words, the Vatican may as well cancel the Synod because it is starting to look rather like its going to be a rather well-rehearsed, pre-meditated stitch-up.

The next time you see smoke coming out of the Vatican, that'll probably be from the glowing embers of the new book by senior Hierarchy figures opposing any change to the Teaching on Marriage and Holy Communion.

Let's hope they stick to books, not the 'dissidents' themselves.

I guess by that time, though, there won't be any of them in Rome.

It is starting to look like St John Paul II wasn't the only Pope with a career in acting
behind him after all!


Anonymous said…

"The conclave elevated in surprisingly short order a man who:

creates more questions than answers in the minds of those seeking the truth on a near daily basis
is so ill-inclined to govern as one with real authority beyond enforcing his own personal preferences on the Office of Peter (that is, when he isn’t steamrolling those who love tradition; AKA Catholics) that he has trouble referring to himself as “pope”
and whose idea of preaching the Gospel is to encourage heathens and heretics to stay right where they are

All indications are that those who orchestrated what looks more and more like a hostile takeover of the papacy couldn’t even muster the patience to put on a good show at the conclave in order to hide the appearance of having preselected Jorge Bergoglio well before the doors were even locked.

No… Pope Benedict didn’t depart for reasons of physical and mental health, and there’s not a Catholic this side of brain dead who is still buying that lie.

Is there?"
Andrew said…
The communists always said that if they could bring down the Roman Catholic Church they could bring down Christianity. The protestant sects were nothing but ground bait to them, and they were right.

The biggest mistake the traditionalists made was that they didn't quite realize how much the marxists utterly despised and hated them, and to what degree they would go to destroy them. We thought, naively, that other people were as decent as us.

We're in a war. And the worst has yet to happen.

Lepanto said…
Cardinal Kasper has been quite open in his writings that he doesn't believe that Jesus performed miracles and also avers that Jesus never claimed to be God (and presumably therefore isn't in his view). Perhaps a Synod about excommunicating heretical Bishops could be held next and asap as far as I am concerned.
Good grief! This was a dreadful blog post!

Everyone knows that Msgr. Ricca is the real puppet master.

Who else could stroke Bergo's cheeks and make being Gay the new Catholic Cool?

Karsh of Ottowa said…

thank goodness no-one has scrolled through the above photos linked to on the Vatican website to the photos showing him actually kissing the Holy Father on the cheek, or figured out how to link to the actual photos !