Quick Poll: Quote of the Week

The following quote is attributed to which Catholic thinker:

“Only a rapid, captivating, human-centered reform can contribute to fill the abyss that separates the traditional doctrine of the Church from the reality of faithful Catholics regarding sexual morality.”

A. St Thomas Aquinas

B. Cardinal Richard Marx

C. St Anselm

D. Tina Beattie

E. That guy who runs that blog about queering the Church and making theology so horizontal that it is only exercised upon a mattress.

F: Former Prime Minister, peace activist and gay icon, Tony Blair.

G: Pope Saint Pius X

H: Basically, all the enemies of the Church in Her History, but most recently Cardinal Richard Marx as a matter of fact.

I: Martin Luther.

J: King Henry VIII

K: Hans Kung

L: The lapsed Catholic family member you are praying will come back to the Faith.

M: St Athanasius

It's a tricky one isn't it?


Bruvver Eccles said…
Groucho Marx, surely? He always had the best gags.
Patricius said…
"Spouses of the world untie! You have nothing to lose but your chains!"
Gungarius said…
Kier...... I'll get my coat
Left-footer said…
His Eminence (freelance) Cardinal Splenge.
Steve said…
B. Cardinal Marx.

Lord help us.
Anonymous said…
The Bishop resigns and uses a very sophisticated language in his statement.
He deceived so many, the Priests, the Bishops, and the families and children.
Where was this Bishop when the so called homosexual marriage was being discussed in Parliament?
No a single statement! Nothing but silence....
Bishop Kieran Conry needs urgently to go to an exorcist!
St Michael intercede for us and the English Catholic Church!
Unknown said…
Kasperle? Kung?

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