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Just a quick post to let readers know that the Government's computer system, which crashed the last time it opened itself up for responses to the Government's consultation over 'equal civil marriage', otherwise known as 'gay marriage' or 'the destruction of the institution of marriage' now working.

Click here to have your say on the Government's consultation, which Lynne Featherstone has assured us is a cosmetic exercise in democracy because HM Government are going to do it anyway. The C4M site has rather helpfully given a list of decent responses to the Government plan, so you don't have to reel out all the arguments yet again.

Happy Feast of the Ascension.


Anonymous said…
I find this uncomfortable viewing. A 'don't play politics' website that is playing politics by a) encouraging people to hold a particular view and b) even TELLING them what views they should hold. 'Suggested reasons'??? What?? So it's a petition that tells people what reasons they should give! Jesus. If a lefty petition did that you'd have kittens. Fortunately I can come to my own conclusions without a crappy petition run by closet gays telling me what to think
Lynda said…
God bless your great work!
epsilon said…
I got a response from the government today too...
epsilon said…
Actually they invite us to contact them direct as well as via the c4m website:

"Your response has been received by the Government Equalities Office and will be taken into account as part of this consultation... Your views will be reflected in the subsequent Government response which will be published in the autumn and made available on the Home Office website.

This consultation will run until 14 June 2012 and you are encouraged to respond to the formal consultation which can be found at: "
Anonymous said…
Apart from the ready made arguments C4M supply I think more people should write in about the radical left agenda which is really behind this so-called push for 'equal rights'. Scratch below the surface and what we see are radical political activists like Peter Tatchell burrowing away trying to de-stabilise society by attacking the traditional family and trying to overthrow the Christian basis of our society.

One look at his website tells you he is not exactly a family man. Pornography, lowering of the age of consent, prostitution, drugs. Name something sleazy he supports it. Someone less qualified to preach to others about family life and 'loving and stable' relationships its difficult to imagine. Its testimony to how mad things are at the moment when as Cardinal Keith O'Brien might say someone like this is given a polite hearing.

Peter said…
The responses they suggest are in fact outright lies and distortions of the truth. If you're into fact checking through prison planet then you should be able to check the most rudimentary errors of fact presented in the biased opinion poll set up to encourage opposition.

1) "70 per cent support the view that marriage should remain an exclusive commitment between a man and a woman" - source: a Catholic Voices Poll. This 70% against figure is baffling given that a 2004 Gallup Poll showed 53% were in favour of marriage equality and, as recently as 2011, a BBC Poll showed 62 % were in favour of it (i.e. the figure rose according to wide, statistically valid polling methods, yet somehow a Catholic organisation got 70% voting the other way. Funny that)

Possibly it is due to the nature of the Poll questions (now I am NOT suggesting they just asked a load of CV representatives, that would mean they were lying, but there is more than one way to cook the books). The four questions, if you actually read the survey, are as follows:

1) Children have the best chance in life if raised by their own mother and father

2) Marriage should be defined as a lifelong exclusive commitment between a man and a woman

3) Marriage is important to society and should be promoted by the state (how Orwellian! Funny how they don't think that represents unwarranted state interference!)

4) Stable relationships between same-sex couples should be legally recognised through civil partnerships

Note how 'gay marriage' is not in fact mentioned in the survey!! Questions 1 & 3 are general statements that most would agree with (who seriously thinks a child would do better if deprived of a parent? On the other hand, the question could be easily modified to yield a different response, i.e. 'if one parent is a drunken sex-maniac who spends the family allowance on drugs, would divorce be a good idea').

Question 2 asks about the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman, but NOT in the context of gay marriage. In fact, the question on definition to which 70% responded 'yes' has two elements - (i) 'lifelong commitment' and (ii) between a man and woman. This is poor, if not deliberately misleading, in its methodology. Surveys generally control for variables by asking about ONE thing only per question. You could of course ask: 'Do you support the idea that it's better to permit gay marriage than terrorist attacks on innocent women' and then claim '99% supported gay marriage', but it would hardly be sound data on the relevant question. Furthermore, the question has a very obvious clause missing - namely, it does not ask if marriage should be defined ONLY as being a state of union between a man and a woman. I quite agree with question 2, so I would go down as a yes response - marriage should continue to be defined as lifelong commitment etc. But I also agree this should not exclude same-sex couples. Clearly, if the survey wanted to test this particular opinion (as the Gallup and BBC surveys did) they would ask a simpler question: 'Do you think gays should be prevented from marrying by the state?'.

N.B., 59% of respondents were happy with civil partnerships - this suggests a figure closer to the BBC survey, where clearer questions were asked. Also, note how the first mention of homosexuality comes with the final question. If they had asked this first, the subsequent questions about marriage would be interpreted in this light, presumably changing the figures.

Given that this survey does not conform to recognised methods on data collection it is invalid and should not be promoted by a coalition for marriage.
epsilon said…
Get this:
the Government's intended audience for the consultation is

*members of the public - particularly those currently in a marriage or civil partnership or those wishing to legally register their relationship in future
*lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organisations
*religious organisations
*local authorities, including registrars who are responsible for conducting civil marriage ceremonies
*organisations with an interest in families and relationships
*comments from all other interested parties are also welcome

No mention of teachers who have to deal with the growing fallout on a daily basis of more and more children in schools who are completely ****** up by their parent/s sexual lifestyles

Nowadays, it's the children who are looking after their dysfunctional
parents instead of the other way round!

BTW the link above is

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