Saturday, 5 May 2012

Obama's Plan for the US Bishops?

The Obama Administration plans 're-education camps' in the US.

Pray for Chen Guangchen, pray for China.

But don't forget to pray also for the the 'land of the free'.


Pétrus said...

Laurence - posting links to this sort of conspiracy bilge doesn't do you any favours.

The Bones said...

You mean, stuff not in the mainstream press?

Pétrus said...

Well obviously the Illuminati are working with the Rothschilds and the Roswell aliens to suppress this.

The Bones said...

I don't believe any of those characters are mentioned in the report, but go on, you obviously know something we don't. ;-)

Pétrus said...

Well if you search the site you get some interesting stats.

726 pages that reference the Illuminati

103 pages that reference the Rothschilds

26 pages that reference Roswell

Just stick the following into Google illuminati

The site is a conspiracy nutcase website. When you start linking to videos they have posted on youtube it calls your judgement into question.

The Bones said...

Okay, I take your point.

However, just because the website is rather 'cranky' doesn't mean that it goes out of its way to deceive or lie to its readers.

It covers some issues which relate to freedom of conscience and religion and liberty in general - sometimes posts stuff from Lifesitenews.

Because it isn't so commercially driven, unlike the mainstream mass media (you can tell because of its advertisement content) it offers something else to the MSM.

I don't believe in aliens, I do believe that Freemasonry is a grave threat to human liberty and the Church (I share the opinion of Popes on that matter) and I do not think that the Rothschilds use their enormous wealth for good in this World.

Finally, the news story is about a leaked memo from an Obama mentor concerning the plan for 're-education camps in America'. It wouldn't surprise me one iota if the story is 100% true.

Pétrus said...

Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

Thing is you always need to check the time reliably.

Peter said...

To be fair, the document, although he reads it in an ominous voice, doesn't say anything incriminating. Firstly, it was a memo written by a member of the army and was sent for the purposes of planning for unlikely catastrophes. The fact that he is employed by the Obama administration is basically irrelevant - you don't sack the entire civil service, military personnel, police force etc etc when you get elected.

Secondly, the 'incriminating' elements, such as they are, are the conjectures/opinions of the doom-laden reader, not the document ('Soviet techniques will basically be used' - that's not what it says, it's what he thinks about it)

Thirdly, the phrase 're-educate' appears to be used once, yet he says it about a hundred times - again, drawing attention to a bit of loose language in something a soldier wrote. Hmm, should he pull the soldier up on his grammar too?

Fourthly, really, it's not that incriminating. In the event of (e.g.s cited) a nuclear war, a complete and utter economic collapse, a military invasion and whatnot, surely the idea of 're-educating' people makes sense. Have you ever seen Mad Max, Waterworld etc? Isn't any form of education 're-education'? Children are not born knowing about their societies, they are 're-educated'. If the bombs go off surely it is a legitimate priority of State (or Church) to 're-educate' those left behind into some new sense of national or collective or spiritual identity. I dare say the Church would start to draft such contingency plans in the event of war

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