Tears with Mears

Mears: Brighton company in charge of council housing repairs on stock exchange
 I found the following comment on The Eye of a Needle blog. I don't get many comments on that blog so its an interesting 'lead'.

'Teresa has left a new comment on your post "Brighton and Hove City Council and Mears Group: A ...":
what a disgusting waste of taxpayers money, want to see some more of mears work come to Burwash Road Hove BN3 8GP and view a flat that has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with black mold on the ceilings and walls its an eye opener to see this be outside Burwash pharmacy at 12noon on monday 12th may 2012 at 12noon and you can see it for yourself and Brighton Council expect a family with 4 children to move into this health hazard.'

Interesting, eh?  I can't make that appointment as it happens, but it sounds like someone else in Brighton wants the truth about the Mears Group and their care of Brighton's social housing to be exposed.


dan said…
hmm mears,i am an ex builder and every repair inside and out i have had in 2.5 years has been a botch job,even had 2 of their surveyors report me to the council as a dog breeder (2 litters of pups in 3 years does not make me a breeder),to get their own back as i used security video to catch them out lying to me,ie say one thing at your property (ie repair will be done)then completely deny it when you phone them,this is mears all over treat the tenants as if were just council scum,all they worry about is how much they can get out of the council for the jobs,and then farm them out to sub contractors who botch the jobs.