Ascension Day Confusion

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith has posted at the Catholic Herald on the dangers with moving such great Feasts of the Church such as Ascension Day to Sundays.

Because of attending a Church which embraces both the ancient rite and the Novus Ordo as two forms of the one rite, I was pondering whether Catholics in Brighton could be forgiven for thinking the Lord ascended twice.

'So, the Lord Ascended Thursday, came back down from Heaven to say some choice words to some of His Bishops, then went back up again on Sunday?'

If you were a child who attended some parish Masses across the United Kingdom on both Ascension Days, that's the message you might walk away with.


pelerin said…
I tend to agree with both Fr Lucie-Smith and yourself! Having attended the EF on Ascension Thursday it would have been strange to attend the NO on Sunday and relive the Feast of the Ascension again. The dual celebration upsets the rhythm of the Church's year and I am sure that Priests who are bi-ritual must feel it too.

I could not help noticing that before the EF Mass on Sunday the Server went to light the Pascal Candle and remembered at the last minute that it was now the Sunday after Ascension and that it had been blown out after the Gospel on Thursday!