Pro-Life Chile

I found this video on John Smeaton's blog.

It draws attention to some things I certainly did not know the country; that Chile is the most pro-Life nation in the whole of South America; that abortion is illegal in Chile; that Chile is the safest country in the whole of Latin America for a child to be born, not just because abortion is illegal, but because maternal and natal healthcare is of such a high standard; that Chileans cherish and protect life from conception to death; and that the Government even run TV advertisement campaigns drawing attention to the humanity of the unborn child and the unborn child's development in the womb and the child's inherent bond with his or her mother and father.

Heaven and Earth were moved to free the miners and while few outside the country doubt that this was because of the dedication, bravery and skill of the rescue effort, few inside the country doubt that it is to God that the miners and their families owe their gratitude.

Doubtless, Chile is under pressure from supra-national institutions such as the UN to bring abortion to their country. May the marvels performed on that day when 33 Chilean miners were freed from the belly of the Earth, inspire Chileans to continue to defend human life and value the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death! If only our Government ran TV advertisement campaigns like that!


pelerin said…
If only indeed!

Great to relive some of those emotional moments when the miners were rescued. And to see those delightful government ads - what a civilised country Chile is.
Physiocrat said…
I understand that safety in Chilean mines leaves much to be desired. Mining inevitably a dangerous occupation but how pro-life is it not to ensure that the risks are minimised through good regulation and good practice?