Monday, 6 December 2010

The Priests Working with Shane McGowan

I read in one of the Catholic newspapers that The Priests, the million pound record label signed Westminster Cathedral trio who performed for the Holy Father at Hyde Park, are working with Shane McGowan of The Pogues on a cover of 'Little Drummer Boy'.

The article suggested that some were offended that The Priests were collaborating with McGowan because he has lived a 'rock n'roll' life with plenty of sex, drugs and er...rock n' roll. Good on The Priests for doing it, I think. After all, didn't Our Lord suggest on numerous occasions that He did not come for the righteous, but for sinners? Our Blessed Lord seemed to spend an awful long time in the company of sinners, preferring their company, indeed, to that of the 'virtuous'. You have to say its an ambitious song to cover. Can they match Bowie and Bing?


Fr Patrick said...

An excellent point well made.

The Priests Cd is on Itunes today called "Noel" the track with Shane McGowan is excellent. They have spoken about working with Shane and have been surprised that they had to justify it.

I saw the priests perform at Symphony Hall in Birmingham. I saw The Pogues at a small pub many moons ago enjoyed both very much.

Let us hope there is room in that stable for the great, the good, the not so good and the rest of us sinners too!

Pop star said...

I wonder if after The Pogues, it will be the Pet Shop Boys or Sinead O'Connor. I wonder if you'd be quite so open minded if that was the case.

Richard Collins said...

You are right, of course, nothing wrong (and everything right) in spending time with 'sinners.'
My fear is, how long can they remain in the priesthood with all the pressures of pop idol success?

Crux Fidelis said...

I quite like the Priests and I'm a big fan of Shane McGowan. I also like steak and I love ice cream. But not on the same plate.

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