Dorothy Day's 30th Anniversary

It was only relatively recently I discovered anything about Dorothy Day, a US Catholic activist for whom the role 'Justice and Peace Co-ordinator' seems to have been invented, but who would, now as then, probably not be hired by a Diocese for the position.

Her 30th anniversary was on November 29 of this year. In terms of activism for human rights, even Peter Tatchell is said to be an admirer, but she was passionately on the side of the poorest. According to Catholic Online...

'Along with French itinerant Peter Maurin, she founded the Catholic Worker movement in 1933. Living the Catholic notion of holy poverty and practicing works of mercy, the two started soup kitchens, self-sustaining farm communities and a daily newspaper. In the course of her 50 years working among the poor and marginalized, Day never took a salary.'

Read the rest of the interesting biography here at Catholic Online.