In Praise of Pressure Washers and Dragonflies

I used one of these today on a gardening job. If you have a patio that gets dirty I recommend you get one of these. Take the fun you had with a garden waste shredder and multiply it by ten!

The couple for whom I do gardening also have a pond and at the moment they have absolutely loads of dragonflies. Beautiful creatures. There were red ones and blue ones and they were all having sex all around the garden. So delicately built and light. During their life cycle, they point to Christ, as you can see from this video above of their life cycle. They appear to 'resurrect', leaving behind them a shell of their old body and emerging in radiance and beauty. Stunning creatures. I believe they use natural family planning.


PaulineG said…
Pressure washers are just great, as Laurence nicely demonstrates.

But a couple of tips for those contemplating investing:

I am reliably informed your standard garden centre versions are -er- not designed to last. So a basic 'industrial' one is better value in the long term. We bought ours through a hire shop (having hired one first to try) and we have had it, I guess, about ten years with no problems (well known make, yellow and black, you know what I mean).

I see you are using one with a circular function, Laurence. Oh, lucky you! This is new since we bought and I am told it does, indeed, get rid of algae and lichen unlike ours which has a straight 'fan-shaped' jet.