Don't Let Children Breathe Your Smoke...Don't Let Children Breathe...

"That's my boy! Go on son! Enjoy life, you only get one!"

It must be so confusing being an unborn baby in modern times. I mean, at one moment people are saying its alright for you to be killed to the point that babykillers are advertising on Channel 4 and then the next they're saying you should be defended from your mother's cigarette smoke because its not healthy for you. I'm 32 and I can't figure out that one!

Perhaps the Government could clear up the confusion for us, but I wouldn't bank on the Clegg-Cameron Show doing a good job of it. "Remember guys, smoking while pregnant = bad, a social taboo. Killing your baby while pregnant = Fine."

Our beloved BBC report that...

'All pregnant women should be tested for smoking so that they can be given quitting advice if necessary, a health watchdog says.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence said carbon monoxide tests should be carried out on every expectant mother. If implemented, every woman would have the breath test at her first ante-natal appointment. Midwives criticised the test, saying it could make the women feel "guilty". NICE (Nice? They don't sound very nice!) said the guidelines were not aimed at penalising smokers but were designed to help women and their families give up smoking during and after pregnancy.

"During pregnancy, smoking puts the health of the women and her unborn baby at great risk both in the short and long-term, and small children who are exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to suffer from respiratory problems," Professor Mike Kelly, Nice director of the centre of public health excellence, said. One of our recommendations is for midwives to encourage all pregnant women to have their carbon monoxide levels tested and discuss the results with them. This isn't to penalise them if they have been smoking, but instead will be a useful way to show women that both smoking and passive smoking can lead to having high levels of carbon monoxide in their systems."

What a 'Nice' society in which we live. If these ridiculous 'health' institutes sincerely cared for unborn babies they'd put the anti-smoking crusade on the back burner and demand that all abortion clinics be closed down today. They don't of course. I mean, what could be a graver health risk than being chemically attacked in the womb or having some surgical scissors jabbed into your skull? Do these amateurs care about unborn babies? No, they're just health freaks!


Natasa said…
I'd be laughing if it weren't tragic. Seeing a doctor about pregnancy for the first time is all about making sure that the woman knows her rights (abortion of course). Doctors also ask whether the woman is sure if she wants to carry on with the pregnancy and whether the pregnancy was planned, just in case she's having any doubts I guess. Anomaly scans are mentioned several times by the midwives and they make sure to explain that many people find it difficult to cope with their child's disability. It's better to know on time so informed choices can be made. If the woman is really lucky, she will be reminded that she should make her mind up before the 25th week because after that abortion is seriously unpleasant. For her, of course.

But then they suddenly become very preoccupied with the health of the baby and during every single appointment they ask whether the mother drinks alcohol. Because it harms the baby, you know.

I'm 34 and I don't get it ...