Tunnels of Terror

The Telegraph reports that...

Benjamin Netanyahu bluntly rebuffed international pressure for a ceasefire in Gaza on Monday and instead vowed to extend Israel’s three-week offensive against its Hamas rulers into a “lengthy campaign” that would bring more “difficult days”.
The Israeli prime minister said the military campaign in Gaza would not end until a network of tunnels Israel says have been dug to launch “terror” attacks against its citizens had been destroyed.

I knew nothing of these tunnels before, so read the National Geographic's article from 2012 on the subject. Are we to assume that these tunnels, which bring militants guns and ammunition, and the Palestinians, food and medical supplies are to achieve both the end of ammunition supplies for the militants and food and medical supplies for the Palestinians? Is it possible that the not only will the militants be 'starved out' like 'rats' from their tunnels, but the Palestinian people as well. Of the Gaza tunnels, which are said, now, to be the chief reason for the continuation of Operation Protective Edge, the National Geographic had this to say...

After Israel introduced the blockade, smuggling became Gaza’s alternative. Through the tunnels under Rafah came everything from building materials and food to medicine and clothing, from fuel and computers to livestock and cars. Hamas smuggled in weapons. New tunnels were dug by the day—by the hour, it seemed—and new fortunes minted. Families sold their possessions to buy in. Some 15,000 people worked in and around the tunnels at their peak, and they provided ancillary work for tens of thousands more, from engineers and truck drivers to shopkeepers. Today Gaza’s underground economy accounts for two-thirds of consumer goods, and the tunnels are so common that Rafah features them in official brochures.

“We did not choose to use the tunnels,” a government engineer told me. “But it was too hard for us to stand still during the siege and expect war and poverty.” For many Gazans, the tunnels, lethal though they can be, symbolize better things: their native ingenuity, the memory and dream of mobility, and perhaps most significant for a population defined by dispossession, a sense of control over the land. The irony that control must be won by going beneath the land is not lost on Gazans.

There is nothing in the National Geographic article, which is well worth reading, about children being used to make these tunnels, which seems to discuss the tunnels issue as one would many an impressive man-made geological feature, albeit a feature which can be used for purposes good or ill. This appears to be a 'revelation' from the Israeli Government seen fit for release during their extensive bombing campaign.

The vast majority of wars are wars of conquest and plunder: Is this one any different?

We all must know by now that the war in Iraq, orchestrated by the US and the UK, was about oil and the pursuit of natural resources and wealth. That war had no possible justification since even the reasons given for it at the time were found to be bogus. Is it possible that the war currently escalating in Gaza is running according to the driving principles of the vast majority of wars that the powerful of this world undertake?

The allegation has been raised that this war is first and foremost about a gas field 30km offshore from Gaza. I think it is a potential motive for conflict worth examining.

Already, British Gas has issued a statement that the company itself has no involvement in the region, as has been reported.  The Washington Institute confirms, in its PDF, that...

BG Group is the operator of the license and discovered the Gaza Marine field about 36 kilometers offshore in 2000, in water about 600 meters (2,000 feet) deep. A second successful well was drilled the same year to confirm the size of the field at around 1 tcf.

British Gas claims that BG Group is 'nothing to do with us'. In its statement, British Gas maintain that...

British Gas, as it exists today, is the trading name of Centrica plc’s retail energy and services business in the UK.

Centrica plc was formed in 1997 following the privatisation of and subsequent demerger from British Gas plc, formerly the nationalised utility British Gas Corporation. The original company was split into two - Centrica kept the rights to the British Gas name in the UK, as well as the Gas Sales and Gas Trading, Services and Retail businesses, together with the gas production business of the North and South Morecambe gas fields in the UK North Sea.

As part of the demerger, the transportation and storage business (Transco) and the Exploration and Production (excluding the North and South Morecambe gas fields), International Downstream, Research and Technology and Properties businesses remained with British Gas plc which was renamed “BG plc” at the same time. BG plc was renamed BG Group plc in December 1999. BG Group plc (which is a separately listed company and not a part of nor affiliated with Centrica) retains certain rights to the ‘British Gas’ name outside of the UK, which may have caused some confusion.

So that's clear then. Nothing to do with British Gas, the formerly public utility handed over to be sold off by Lord Rothschild's NM Rothschild banking and investment firm by the late Margaret Thatcher. Apparently, in Britain, NM Rothschild is after our motorways as well. Is nothing sacred!? Anyway, I digress...the claim being made is that some particular 'group' with interests in the region wants access to this gas supply without any concerns of having to share ownership of or entitlement to it with anybody else.

I don't mean my blog to become a commentary on the war in Gaza, reading about it wearies me, I should be praying, rather than writing. I have no time or sympathy for the ambitions of Hamas, or their murderous hatred of the Jews.

I'm just wondering whether in light of the destruction of the underground network there might be a double impact on the Palestinians, involving a dramatic decrease in food and medical supplies, as well as ammunition and guns. I hope I am just worrying excessively and that Israel wishes to ensure that food and medical supplies reach the civilians with whom we are assured they are not at war. I write this not to side politically with any one side of this conflict, but just because in the 'fog of war', with propaganda inevitably emerging from both sides, it is very hard to see the truth, which, they say, is war's first casualty.

Lord Jacob Rothschild: Fingers in many pies
I also wonder, is this war really a 'war on terror' or is this war the same as every other war? I am only asking questions and I will make a bold assertion. Behind the State of Israel and indeed, the British State, is the man pictured above. Our media, as well we know, is corrupt. Rothschild owns Reuters which mouth spoons the Press the news, and, because of their great power, you will rarely hear of them or see their name in print. I do not consider that we can swallow, uncritically, that which we are being told in this conflict. There is more to this than meets the eye. The Rothschilds are heralded by many, perhaps even many in Israel, as the prestigious protectors of the Jewish people. Whole streets in Israel are named after them. I am not convinced that they care for the Jewish people. History suggests that as far as the Rothschilds are concerned, the Jewish people (and everyone else) are merely a means to an end and can go hang once they are done with them. The protector of the Jewish people is Almighty God, but in the meantime, while...

...you, like the world and all its land and its treasure are not the property of the tyrannical elite, or the world powers, but Almighty God. What sufferings shall be endured before we acknowledge that one, simple truth!? A Third World War?


Unknown said…
We should never have given the Jews Israel after WW2. Should've given them North or South Dakota---nobody lives there.

Seattle K
Unknown said…
Ahh Tears for Fears! Takes me back to 1980's aerobics classes. It was a perfect cool-down and/or sit-up song.

Seattle Kim, former 1980's aerobic class instructor
Nicolas Bellord said…
Are not the tunnels described in the National Geographic Magazine in the south of Gaza enabling material to be brought in from Egypt? I think these may be different from the tunnels being used in the North of Gaza to enter Israel for military purposes.
viterbo said…
The plans and the end goals of these conflicts can be reduced, at least on one level, to control of resources. As for the tunnels, Israeli concrete was used to make them (there is no need for tunnels in order to gain access to legitimate (medicine/food etc.) goods. Gazans get their power and pretty much everything else they need from Israel because there's nothing but sand on the other side. They were supposed to use the Israeli concrete for legitimate construction -instead they build tunnels. Gazans have a long history of self-harm (including destroying supplies coming from Israel); why? To win a propaganda war? On the one hand, Egypt basically supports Israel's position, on the other, Iran supports and supplies Hamas through the tunnels, supposedly to 'push Israel into the sea'. Meanwhile al qaeda, last month, downed transmission towers in Yemen cutting off the power supply to 24million people - Israeli channel seven reported, 'For the first time in history, a terrorist attack on the electric power grid has blacked out an entire nation — in this case Yemen.' A US Lt. Col. reckons the terrorists were training for bigger targets. The power supply angle is as good a smoking gun as any.
viterbo said…
p.s. the Israelis have a large gas reservoir off their own shores, called the Tamar Reservoir. They recently discovered another reservoir offshore which they hope to start exploiting in the near future; guess what they called it? Leviathan. Plus Orthodox Jews were upset that the first supplies from Tamar went online on their 'sabbath'.
Nicolas Bellord said…
I would have thought that this conflict in the end boils down to the desire of Hamas and others to destroy Israel. They are quite prepared to sacrifice their own people to achieve this. It is a truly Satanic aim.

One thing I notice is the very strong emotional reaction there is to the pictures of children being killed and wounded. It is of course horrible to think of hundreds of them being killed and wounded. But some of the critics of Israeli action, whom I have seen on the TV seem to lose all reason in their response. Kirsty Wark on Newsnight is one such.

And yet thousands (not hundreds) of unborn children are killed each week in this country and few object. I wonder whether there is some subconscious guilt about that which causes the irrational response?

Further there is discussion about how much these horrifying pictures of children should be shown on TV and yet if you were to show the result of an abortion you would probably get arrested.

Another is the question of proportionality. If a small boy starts pummelling a grown man, the man might ask him to stop. If he doesn't the man might punch him back in a moderate manner, if that doesn't work he might punch him so hard that he knocks the small boy flat and out of breath so that he does then stop. Of course this punch will be much stronger than anything the small boy could have given but is it disproportionate?
Scarebo said…
Nicolas B hit the nail on the head. There are thousands of tunnels used for many different purposes. But many of the tunnels have deliberately mixed purposes, that is, mixing military and civilian uses, the better to create civilian casualties.

Yes, Hamas is really that bad.

How would Britons react if France was lobbing hundreds of rockets a day into Dover and Brighton? How would you react?

I don't think the majority, or even a 10% minority, of Israelis want to "destroy" Gaza or its people. I don't think the government does, either. What I would ask in response to such statements, when Israel truly does possess the ability to flatten most of Gaza and literally kill hundreds of thousands, why are they being so circumspect, if they are really so blood-thirsty?

That is not to say there are not problems with many Israeli positions or motivations. But I will say that you in Europe are getting fed an increasingly virulent diet of anti-Israeli and even anti-semetic news and opinion from your continental and British self-anointed elites. Good Heavens, what is going on in France? You hopefully get the point.
viterbo said…
@Nicholas. The world concern for Palestinian children coupled with the worldwide couldn't care less with regards to children in a 'Gaza strip' womb intifada is something I find hypocritical too.
p.s. a Gazan school was just blown up by a Hamas rocket, and UNRWA schools are basically staffed by Hamas - poor kids. I think the UN is a fundamentally evil organisation.
Richard said…
"Rothschild owns Reuters"

Nope. Reuters is owned by Thomson Reuters, which is mostly owned by the Thomson family (Lord Thomson of Fleet was a Canadian press baron who owned the Times for 15 years before Murdoch).

Before that, Reuters was a public quoted company, with a constitution that prevented anyone from owning more than 15% of it.

David Icke believes that the Rothschilds own Reuters; you must have been reading some odd websites.