Saturday, 5 July 2014

Allotment Update

Thanks be to God and Our Lady and thank you to the very kind friends who helped me out today. One of them was a Traditional Latin Mass loving blog reader who travelled all the way down from Croydon to help build the shed. I have been to a retreat centre in the region in which the Holy Mass is said in something that looks like rather like a shed. I don't think it would be fitting for a priest to celebrate Mass here, but a sprinkling of holy water and a blessing for the allotment would be good.

Next I need to order a massive bag of manure from a local farm and dig it in to improve the soil, collect an archway I've bought for Our Lady and plant some roses around her. I also have a cheap, plastic greenhouse which I have purchased that needs to go up in order for propagation to take place.

All in all, however, the hermitage is now ready. Truly, this allotment, she is starting to become a pearl of great price. I'm hoping that Our Lady of Whitehawk will appear and make this plot a popular pilgrimage destination with a miraculous water feature and I'll have recouped the money I have squandered on this small piece of land. All I need now is a vision!


Liam Ronan said...

That's a right spiffy shed there Bones! It's good to be close to the earth.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the improvements you're makIng. Well done.

gemoftheocean said...

Wonderful news. Fr. Blake will bless, yes? :-D [BTW, I think if you go to any politicians office, you should probably be able to come by manure for freeeeee.]

gemoftheocean said...

BTW, from having done theatre construction in the past you might want to put a few brace boards on the inside of that too if you have any boards left over. [I did a lot of theatre flats in my time.]

Unknown said...

What a nice guy to come help you build this cute little shed. Now you just need a flowery wreath on the door of it.

Seattle k

Genty said...

Great news. You are on your way to becoming a gardening nut!
If you can afford it, it might be worthwhile to paint waterproofing on the shed uprights.
The earth could certainly do with some manure and there are some very good tips on google on how to use it.
Maybe some wild flowers for the butterflies and the hard-pressed bees?
This time next year, it's going to look wonderful. Congrats all round.

Mary Kay said...

Congrats! Unlike so many jobs, gardening is one that seems to pay immediate and long-term satisfaction. You're lucky---blessed really---to have such good friends to help out. Nice job!

John Vasc said...

"Why should we in the compass of a pale
Keep law and form and due proportion,
Showing, as in a model, our firm estate,
When our sea-walled garden, the whole land,
Is full of weeds, her fairest flowers choked up,
Her fruit-trees all upturned, her hedges ruin'd,
Her knots disorder'd and her wholesome herbs
Swarming with caterpillars?"

(Richard II, Act III sc. iv)

Unknown said...

So, Bonester, what have you decided to plant?

Seattle kimmy

Anonymous said...

Puppet Theatre Season 2014:
New Brighton Comedy Puppeteers proudly presents:

'The Bones of Saint Expeditus'

Black Maria said...

We all know what happens in sheds... just read seven shades of grey!

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