Wednesday, 30 July 2014

New FFI Head Threatens to Sue Lay Blogger, Following Police Interrogation

"Dominus vobiscum!": A Vatican 'visitation' in the era of Franciscus

What next, helicopters over the Amazon?

Whoever is reading this: Don't bother suing me. Mummy and daddy have spent enough on me already. 

They'd be simply furious!

In other news, I found an interesting open letter by an Argentine lady seeking clarification from the Holy Father over his conduct since becoming the sweet Vicar of Christ on Earth.

She says she is 'perplexed' by this papacy.

I think I can now say with St John, that I am 'completely mystified'.


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Bergogliosis is not a new malady - its been around since the garden of Eden. Bergogliosists are simply another diabolical supremicist cartel - they have to get rid of the the vestiges of Truth and Proof before people clue on to the fact that they are working for diablo, so that by the time people start to wake up, it'll be too late; all the proof (Tradition) will be gone and 'Truth' will simply be a matter of opinion.

Nicolas Bellord said...

This does not look like an attempt to sue the blogger for defaming Fr Bruno but rather an attempt by Fr Bruno to get the blogger prosecuted for criminal defamation resulting in prison or a fine. Criminal defamation used to exist in English law for very serious defamations such as wrongfully accusing someone of a serious crime. However it has been abolished here as an offence.

I suspect it is a cheap way to frighten someone as going to the police to make an accusation does not cost you anything as opposed to going to a lawyer to get him to write a letter accusing someone of civil defamation. However it could rebound in an accusation of wasting police time.

I do not suppose that Father Bruno will tell anyone exactly what he is accusing anyone of as that is not the way these chaps operate. Maybe he just wants to say no smoke without fire or just smear someone.

Unknown said...

Bwa ha ha ha----great pic, Bonester.

Seattle Kimmy

Anonymous said...

I laughed my head off so much at this post last night and tried to publish a comment on it...but was unable to because of some strange advert in the "please prove you are not a robot" box.

Seeing mad Jack Nicholoson's wild eyes and diabolical grin in this context ..was too much for me ...hysterical

I know it's a very serious matter - however ...but I'm still laughing...

Well done Mr. Bones ! LOL and LOL and LOL!

Laughter is definitely excellent medicine in this context!


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