You're Hired! For £2.50 an hour...

My job search continues and I noticed recently that the Jobcentre website has started to advertise a lot of apprenticeships.

The new apprenticeship scheme differs to those of the past, in as much as it is not offered to 16/17 year olds only, but to people of all ages, and so yours truly is invited to apply to become a patisserie chef, an administrator or a joiner and obtain that precious NVQ.

The question(s) is (are)...

Should a 33 year old graduate with a considerable history of employment consider working for £2.50 an hour?

Is this just a convenient way for companies to circumnavigate the minimum wage?

Is this exploitation of the unemployed?

How long does one have to be an apprentice before one is taken on and employed as regular staff with employment rights?

Why did the Government not secure a more decent set of working rights for the new scheme so that it doesn't appear that companies are just setting up a cheap pool of labour in exchange for training?

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Anonymous said…
You made a typo, it should read "considerable history of UNemployment"
Some of my former employers:

John Menzies
Lloyds Chemist
Jazbar, Liverpool
The Pear Tree Pub, Welwyn
Brighton Gloucester Bar
Roche Pharmaceuticals
Lloyds TSB via Reed Employment Agency
Brighton and Hove City Council Departments: Housing Benefit, Victoria Road Housing Office, Payroll Department via Plan Personnel and Tate Employment
ATD Fourth World
Varndean College
Oh, sorry, forgot to mention the Office of the Rail Regulator.
Tom said…
You should enlist the help of St Cajetan, patron of the unemployed and Job seekers. He was founder of the Theatines and relied entirely on Divine providence. In fact his Novena starts today (29th)ending on the eve of his feast on the 7th. In Argentina he has a massive following and people camp out for up to a month before August 7th in order to be first into his church on the feast day!
Have a look at my blog on this Miraculous saint who deserves to be better known by English-speaking catholics, especially given the tremendous economic upheaval we are all experiencing! A true Saint for the Crisis and a friend in desperate times!
Nice blog. However, to be fair, the only reason apprenticeships are open to over-16s is the nonsenical Equality laws...we have to offer everyone everything! People over 18 should not have to do apprenticeships and doing so distorts the meaning and purpose of the term.