Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bishops of England and Wales Take Heed

Cardinal Antonio Canizare Llovera
Fr Z has posted on the latest utterances of Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera and those utterances are well worth reading and re-reading, courtesy of CNA.

'Spanish Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera recently recommended that Catholics receive Communion on the tongue, while kneeling.
“It is to simply know that we are before God himself and that He came to us and that we are undeserving,” the prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments said in an interview with CNA during his visit to Lima, Peru.
The cardinal’s remarks came in response to a question on whether Catholics should receive Communion in the hand or on the tongue.
He recommended that Catholics “receive Communion on the tongue and while kneeling.”
Receiving Communion in this way, the cardinal continued, “is the sign of adoration that needs to be recovered. I think the entire Church needs to receive Communion while kneeling.”
“In fact,” he added, “if one receives while standing, a genuflection or profound bow should be made, and this is not happening.”
“If we trivialize Communion, we trivialize everything, and we cannot lose a moment as important as that of receiving Communion, of recognizing the real presence of Christ there, of the God who is the love above all loves, as we sing in a hymn in Spanish.”
In response to a question about the liturgical abuses that often occur, Cardinal Canizares said they must be “corrected, especially through proper formation: formation for seminarians, for priests, for catechists, for all the Christian faithful.”
Such a formation should ensure that liturgical celebrations take place “in accord with the demands and dignity of the celebration, in accord with the norms of the Church, which is the only way we can authentically celebrate the Eucharist,” he added.
“Bishops have a unique responsibility” in the task of liturgical formation and the correction of abuses, the cardinal said, “and we must not fail to fulfill it, because everything we do to ensure that the Eucharist is celebrated properly will ensure proper participation in the Eucharist.”'

How very encouraging are the Cardinal's words. It is encouraging that the head of the Congregation for Divine Worship should advise that the whole Church needs to receive Our Blessed Lord kneeling and on the tongue. If we do not recognise Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament then we do not recognise our need for Him. If we do not recognise our need for Him then we will certainly not recognise Him. If we recognise neither Him nor our need for Him then how on Earth will He recognise us when He comes in Glory?


Left-footer said...

He couldn't be more right.

God bless!

georgem said...

That's all very well, but hasn't the CDW recently approved the norm of forming an orderly queue and standing to receive for England and Wales?
Right hand and left hand?

Christine said...

Does the Latin Mass have as much standing up and sitting down- so many times, hymns,etc.

I am not disabled but getting creaky and it's getting too much.
It's embarrassing not to stand, I feel conspicuous and it offends.

I could find a Latin Mass. I think it might solve my problem when the congregation are mostly passive in prayer?

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