Did Freemasonry Ruin Capitalism...as well as Government?

 "Too much capitalism does not mean too many capitalists, but too few capitalists." ~ G.K Chesterton

I, for one, am convinced that a great many local government and perhaps national government contracts are agreed not in the corridors of power, but in the corridors of the masonic lodges of the United Kingdom.

It is strange, for instance, that Brighton and Hove City Council has such a cosy relationship with Baron Homes and KEM Properties, not to mention the Mears Group. Kier Longley is the highest paid supplier to the Council with the omnipresent Mears Group following quickly behind them.

However, on a larger scale I wonder whether it is within the context of the secretive society that spawned the Norwegian mass murderer, that we can see such monopolisation of retail and a great deal of commercial property in terms of Tescos and Sainsburys, as well as local businesses and agencies that are awarded lucrative contracts.

I wonder whether it is freemasonry that has destroyed the essence of capitalism and turned it into a cosy club of friends shaking hands. It sounds silly, but looking at things as objectively as I can, I suspect that I am right. A good barrister friend of mine relatively told me about the various hand gestures and bodily gestures freemasons give in court to judges which often result in more lenient sentences. I wonder how the Norwegian killer will get on in court. Now that his masonic membership is becoming more widely known (not that the mainstream press are reporting it) perhaps the lodges will try and distance themselves from him and do justice to one of their own.

Local Government's Biggest Suppliers

The Openly Local website lists Kier Longley as its most paid supplier, in receipt of average £1.3 million per month. The Mears Group receive on average £1 million per month from Brighton and Hove City Council for their housing, repairs and maintenance services. Westridge Construction Ltd receive just short of £1 million per month for their services to the Council.

For those who have been following George and Diane's story, KEM Properties, who have Brighton's self-contained temporary housing scene so wrapped up that they do not even have need of a website, receive £135,000 a month for their services. It all adds up.  The Baron Homes Corporation Ltd, who own emergency accommodation 17/19 Grand Parade, the emergency housing at Brunswick Square and Windsor Court, receive nearly £100,000 a month from Brighton and Hove City Council for their services. Helgor Trading Ltd, who own Percival Terrace where George and Diane used to live, receive £30,000 a month for their services. These are quite vast sums of money we are talking about here, yet the same companies do not even maintain their own buildings to a barely minimum standard because, as we all know the poor aren't "worthy". They are disgusting places.

How did these companies land such lucrative deals with the Council? Were these contracts discussed in Council chambers or in the local lodge?

For those interested in how the Council recruits and employs its temporary staff (for my sins, I was once one of these staff members) and perhaps some permanent staff, chief beneficiaries of the Council's generous pocket are Carlisle Staffing plc, who receive a whopping £426,000 a month for acting as middle men and women for the Council to employ people and Plan Personnel who receive around £94,000 a month for doing the same. Talk about pouring money down a drain!

For a Council that enjoys spending money like water, they sure don't like to spread it around to too many different contractors. Neither do they make demands of their suppliers that the most vulnerable in their care are treated humanely in tenements which are staffed, clean, healthy and secure. Best to have one or two rogue landlords running the property and recruitment in Brighton and Hove, isn't it?

The question is, just how are these deals made, who clinches them and is the final handshake in the Council buildings or the local masonic temple? We'll never know for sure, of course, but then isn't I guess that is just what a secret society is all about: "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."


Last Knight said…
There was a particular incident, in September 1911, when a Freemason named Frederick Seddon, having been found guilty of murder, appealed to the trial judge, Bucknil J (also a Mason) to spare his life. Seddon made a Masonic sign and invoked "the Great Architect of the Universe". Although shaken, the Judge pronounced sentence and Seddon was hanged in April 1912. Since then, I don't think there is any reliable evidence that a sentence has been mitigated because the judge and defendant were Freemasons. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that Freemasons make signs (such as making a right-angle out of their hand when taking the oath) or use words (such as describing themselves as "square" and "on the level") which are intended to give clues to Masonic judges and magistrates. But I think this has more to do with Masonic hubris than any actual capacity to sway the tribunal. Freemasonry has gone seriously out of fashion in the legal profession and I can think of no judges sitting today who would consider it worth pursuing.
Jonathan Halperin said…
Right, so that Norwegian madman who wanted to re-Christianise Europe (like the pope), restore Catholicism to Northern Europe (like the pope) and challenge liberal modernism (like the pope) was at fault for being....a mason. Eh?? Just admit it, you write as much fruitcake (and fruity) nonsense as he did on the portions of HIS wacko blog that have been leaked. You are trying to paper over the fact that you are basically in ideological league with extremist madmen who have flipped out at their lack of success in the modern world and cherish the false hope that bringing back 'old timey' capitalism and religion will save them. By the way, when exactly was Capitalism not 'ruined'? When, if it's all the masons fault (and not nut-job Catholics like him), was capitalism not influenced by the masons and prepared to give a fair shake to people?? The masons by definition pre-date capitalism (you know, they were stone masons originally, the same guilds who built...erm, the Catholic Churches of Europe). Did masons spoil catholicismtoo or is just an inherently shit idea for the modern world to listen to a crumbling old guy hiding away in an Italian palace built by the masons???
Masons deal in moral relativism.

It is not surprising that one of their own ended up taking moral relativism to its most horrific and logical conclusion.

The Holy Father and those who support him, as well as all people of good will, reject murder whether it be of the unborn baby, the elderly man, the terminally ill or indeed a hundred political activists in Norway.

We are on the side of life. Masonic thought tends towards the side of death.
Jacob S said…
I like particularly the part of
Halperin's comment where he mentions your "lack of success in the modern world" as if you and all the less wealthy persons are at fault --- for what? For refusing to side with a bunch of corporate types persons. It is inherently sinful of you. You must join the modern world. Your post seems quite good. Despite the horror of your religious convictions.