Rosary Leaflets...

I've been working with the old desk top publishing package and have come up with some nice looking Holy Rosary leaflets, because I have ran out of the ones published by other groups and don't know how you order such things in bulk. Anyway, I love the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help on the front of my new leaflet.

I'm going to invest some money by getting them printed on some nice paper/card, so if any missionaries out there would like to order some leaflets, let me know. I don't know what printing is like in terms of cost, but I expect it will end up being something like 20p per leaflet, as they'll be in colour and on nice paper. On the inside the pictures are nice and fairly big (no Luminous Mysteries, I'm afraid!).

Hope the feasting is going well for everyone? Has anyone been sick yet? If you want to share your strict Easter feasting plan for the next 50 odd days, I'd be interested in how you will glorify God and keep the commandment of the Church to indulge in all manner of exotic foodstuffs. How many courses do you have for breakfast? Are you having champagne with every meal or sticking to Lambrini? Share your Easter resolutions here. It still needs some work, a few typos here and there and I'm working on the finished draft. Let me know if you'd like to order some...Yes, I could do them in Latin as well! I suppose if I were really kind I could just put the jpegs up and people could print them out themselves. Still, even though I've just realised the CTS have got this area well and truly covered, let me know if you'd like some.


Bones that looks awesome! Shame there isn't a dual column thing with Latin as well ;)
Anonymous said…
Juventum, do you read Latin? I can get a rough translation knocked up
Bones, lovely to see the inside. This is a really nice product.

Anonymous, thank you but I know the Latin but it's nice for people to have access to both!
VAT II Baby said…
Exactly how I feel Juventutem London!
Nice to have access to BOTH in lots of things.

Ive said…
Hi. Did you ever print these Rosary pamphlets ?

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