Catholics in Good Standing


Anonymous said…
Athanasius 'Contra Mundum' one of the greatest of the Fathers, defeated the gross errors of Arius, though Athanasius stood almost alone against the treacherous current of his time.
Augustine the last of the Fathers, prevailed against the rot of Pelagianism.
Even Luther came up against the unmovable presence of Erasmus of Rotterdam.
Although you don't mention him, John Calvin was aware of Francis de Sales, one of the holiest Catholic bishops the Church has ever seen.
Indeed Francis de Sales visited Theodore Beza in Geneva, after Calvin's death, and Beza conceded that his opponent's doctrine of 'faith and works' (Trent) was a harder path to follow.
James Martin wants to be the darling of the Gay Movement, and the pet of the media.
He smiles for the camera.
But he too will meet his nemesis.
In times of total moral collapse the Holy Spirit raises men and women who are so afraid of God that they have no fear of the world.
Or of the establishment.
George Whitefield and John Wesley were like that in the lamentable social scene of 18th Century England.
Our own times are just as rotten.
The harvest is great as our Saviour assured us.

J Haggerty

What about the present times?

August 2, 2017
Pope Francis is in specific doctrinal heresy knowingly or unknowingly and Jose Galat must show him his error
MarianCatholic said…
The big question for us all in these days is this. Which seven sacraments must we believe in? Do we believe in the seven sacraments of the Blessed Virgin Mary or do we believe in the seven new improved sacraments of Pope Francis?
viterbo said…
A heretics' meet and greet. I suspect they would all have wanted to punch each other's lights out.

The newer, and less celebrated Jesuit - Novus Ordo so-called..."What a tragic time it is in the Church when priests openly and proudly support legalized sodomy and their Bishops and [N]ope pretend they don't see it." -

PS. A smattering of lies the Church of Christ has exposed, fought and warned against:

Adoptionism, Americanism, Anglo-Israelism, Antinomianism, Apollinarism, Arabici, Arianism, Audianism, Barallot, Bogomils, Catharism, Circumcellions, Docetism, Donatism, Ebionites, Euchites, Febronianism, Fraticelli, Free Spirit, Gallicanism, Henricians, Iconoclasm, Jansenism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Luciferians, Macedonians, Manichaeism, Marcionism, Melchisedechians, Messalians, Monarchianism, Monophysitism, Monothelitism, Naassenes, Nestorianism, Ophites, Pelagianism (and semi), Patripassianism, Paulicianism, Pneumatomachians, Priscillianism, Prosperity Theology, Psilanthropism, Rastafari, Reincarnationism, Santa Muerte, Sethian, Triclavianism, Valentianism, Waldenses…

The synthesis of all heresies = Modernism aka Protestantism aka Novus ordo aka Freemasonry…