On Supplication for your Enemies

In the papal office are gathered the Pope, Fr Antonio Spadaro S.J his communications confidant and Fr Arturo Sosa Abasca S.J, head of the Jesuits worldwide. There, at a time when they are under a considerable storm of fierce criticism, with only the praise of Catholic dissidents and the admiration of secular activists for consolation, four years into the pontificate of Pope Francis, the three gather in order to make supplication for their enemies and by invocation ask for guidance for themselves and the Church.

Pope Francis: Brethren, I have convened this meeting of supplication and invocation in order to lift up to the Lord and the Master the remaining dubia Cardinals, who with the support of many silent co-horts, as well as vocal accomplices, among the ranks of the Cardinalate, the Episcopate, the Clergy and the Laity, the numbers of which we cannot fully know, with daring and conviction continue to steadfastly insist in a most brazen manner that I answer their questions concerning right doctrine. Let us invoke the Lord and Master.

Fr Antonio Spadaro S.J: Lord, I just want to ask you to cover these enemies with shame and confound them, who in their arrogance lift their heel against thy annointed. Thank you, Lord. We praise you, Lord. In your mighty name, Lord. We would not have risen to great heights nor carried out our achievements without thy great aid and manifold kindnesses. We seek to advance your empire across the globe. Touch the hearts, therefore, O Lord and Master, of these Cardinals and bring them to fall down and lose heart in the face of thy power, them and those who with boldness and insolence, with haughtiness seek to support them in their common endeavour. Convert them, of if this is not thy will, may they know the power of thy wrath. I invoke thee, O Master, too, that the United States of America may find harmony and concord in a President more to thy pleasure, a man who fears thee and is willing to carry out thy commands. May all ecumenists of hate find that in you lies excellence of intellect and gifts of peace and harmony and to those who show you goodwill and obedience, never has it been known that you have withdrawn your most generous hand.

Fr Arturo Sosa Abasca S.J: O Master, you know all things and can do all things. The nations fear you and your mighty name has spread across the globe because you are great and terrible indeed. When a nation angers you, who does not know of it? Those who rise up against you soon find themselves humbled beneath such great strength and the glory of your house never ceases to increase in honour and prestige. Therefore, we your servants invoke thy aid, that those who dissent from your doctrines may become a reproach in the sight of men. Nothing is impossible for you, O Master. Touch the hearts of your enemies. May I mention in particular Poland and any nations considering interpreting our Exhortation in continuity with sacred tradition. We invoke your aid that all Bishops Conferences may follow the lead of nations such as Malta and we commend to you Germany and also Argentina, that the beginning of their fidelity may become more established in its totality. But may your enemies and our enemies be covered in disgrace and if they will not carry out the commands laid upon all your servants may they find themselves ejected from our company, their names forgotten and their memory erased from the face of the Earth. Lord, in your mighty name.

Fr Antonio Spadaro S.J: Lord and Master, I commend to you the servant Austen Ivereigh of Crux and Catholic Voices and I beseech you for more guidance in my work. May he continue his work of assisting us in propagating the doctrines and laws which have won you such acclaim and renown over all the Earth. May he be encouraged in his work and where the power of logical or rational arguments fail, may he and I find in your faithfulness and goodness more rhetorical devices with which to cover our enemies with contempt. For at this time, this pleases you more than anything else, so that in our work propagating thy doctrines - confusing to some, but to those who are enlightened, nourishment for the body, soul and mind - reason itself may give way to an increased devotion to thy service, for to please you is to live and if a man does not please you, he can do nothing well. We rejoice in the abundance of your gifts. The whole world is yours, may the Church find its pleasure only in your service.

Pope Francis: Amen. Well, then, my faithful team. Let us close this invocation by thanking our Lord Jacob Rothschild and our Master, George Soros, for joining us in this video conference. May our supplication fall upon your gracious ears, my Lord and my Master and increase your support and aid to our common cause. May the foe be routed and your empire be extended throughout the Church and the World. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Master. May we reconvene this meeting next week. Thursday is good for me. Boys, put it in your diaries.

Fr Arturo Sosa Abasca S.J: Amen. May my Lord and my Master receive praise and thanksgiving for this video conference. Where would thy servants be, my Lord, what would we achieve, O Master, without such wonderful recording technology? Even for these gifts, we must surely thank you. Our only sorrow is that David Rockefeller cannot be here to join us. May his memory continue to inspire us in furthering the goals that we share in your service.

George Soros: Keep up the good work boys. We're proud of you.

Pope Francis: Laudato Si!

Happy feast of St Lawrence of Rome. May his intercession bring to the Church an increase of peace, unity and fidelity to Christ the Lord.


Tim said…
Happy feast day!
viterbo said…
Bergoglio is God's gift to Truth seekers.

Fr Ratzinger has publicly denied the resurrection of the body, before being elected heresiarch, successor of Roncalli - a simple and 'good' freemason, simply and 'goodly' rescuing almost two millennia of deluded Catholics from the yoke of the True Messias (in the same vein as Luther's rescue a few centuries before) -, and after his election. The resurrection of Our Lord was not literal, according to the Novus Ordo VII Leader aka, heresiarch (he promulgated successive 'spirit of Assisi' events, about which, Wojtyla said that same spirit would bring 'peace to the world'). The Successors of Roncalli (the bark - as in of a dog - according to one line of etymology), the successors of, not the Rock of Peter, but the dog's bark of Roncalli are the wolves of antichrist. The interregnum, the invasion of consecrated ground by infidels, and the promulgation of contradictions/lies attributed to what modernists call the 'holy spirit', continues. This is not Catholic.

Catholicism is not hidden. Neither the brazen usurpation by haters of Christ's Church and her Vicar in the publications, enforcements and 'life' of the VII/New Order institution. As a friend of the United Nations, it is an enemy of the Holy See.

viterbo said…
PS. the background.




PPS. Hands up those folks who have visited the VII occupation of the Vatican? VII teaches that Christ has redeemed everyone (although according to Berogolio, they simply cease to exist if they really hate the idea) and that all religious faiths have salvific virtue in the eyes of God. Well, given this, a native American Novus Ordo/pagan visited the Vatican and left in despair. The place was filled with demons. Native Americans believe in an 'out there' unknowable deity, but that lesser spirits are their friends and overlords. All affirmed by VII.
Anonymous said…
Arturo Abasca said he does not believe in Satan as a real, actual and malevolent being.
Just the kind of modernism that 'bedevilled' liberal Protestant churches from the 1960s.
As Viterbo above says, the liberal-modernist view is that all men are saved.
Universalism attracts first-rate minds, alas.
David Guretzki said Karl Barth went to his grave believing that somehow God would save all men. (See 'An Explorer's Guide to Karl Barth' D Guretzki, IVP 2016)
Pope Paul VI said to the spiritist Sri Chinmoy Ghose, 'Your Gospel and my Gospel are the same.
Ghose, who said he was the 'highest living avatar' and claimed to be in possession of 'God consciousness', preached what St. Paul called 'a false Christ'.
'Jesus laughs when his followers say he is the only way to God,' Ghose wrote in his book. 'There are MANY SONS OF GOD.'
Did Pope Paul VI's advisors not know what Ghose had written, or were they too far along the road of universalism to care?
There are seven public testimonies to Sri Chinmoy's sexual abuse of women.
Cult mental health workers have labelled his movement as 'dangerous'.
So guess what?
Last year the Sri Chinmoy Male Choir toured Catholic churches and abbeys all over Ireland, including Kilkenny Cathedral. Watch it on YouTube if you don't believe me.
The Catholic Church has opened its doors to demonic and spiritist attack.
And you have a Jesuit General who doesn't believe in Satan.
Any wonder why I worship in Reformed churches?

J Haggerty

Anonymous said…
Regarding Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, see two articles, online Catholic Herald:
1) Jesuit Superior General - 'We have formed symbolic figures such as the devil to express evil.'
2) Spokesman for Jesuit chief - Devil remarks must be read in context.

In contrast, please listen to two online sermons by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones:
1) The Christian and the Devil.
2) Attacked by the Devil.

J Haggerty
Anonymous said…
In response to J Haggerty's citation of my book on Karl Barth, the comment is not quite accurate. I do not say that Barth went to the grave believing God would save everyone. On p. 37 of An Explorer's Guide to Karl Barth, I say:

"I believe that a proper interpretation of Barth leads us to conclude that at most, Barth went to the grave hoping that one day God would save all. But I also know that Barth refused to make statements about the eschatological destiny of all of humanity on the principle that he believed that only Jesus Christ, the Judge who is to come, could and will ultimately make those judgments. As I have put it elsewhere, Barth would have us preach that Jesus Christ is Victor and Savior of all, but leave the final judging of individual destinies up to Jesus Christ on the day of when he returns."

I wanted to make sure this clarification was made.