Invisibility Cloak for Fra' Festing

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One way for Festing to avoid detection in Rome...
Wearing this simple but effective latex disguise, Fra' Matthew Festing will easily evade detection at the election of his successor, managing to breach the official barriers and pass through the various Vatican checkpoints unnoticed, eluding the gaze of Von Boeslager's associates within the Knights of Malta. As we all know, in the Order formerly known as 'Sovereign', the faction of Knights under the protection of the Pope never fail to turn a blind eye to condoms.

Shocking as it was to read the letter published by Rorate Caeli sent to Fra' Matthew Festing, it is nice to see diplomatic pleasantries still are in operation in the Vatican. The final two paragraphs in particular were prime examples, wherein it was stated without embarrassment that Matthew Festing is temporarily banned from the site of the Mother Church of all Christians, while wishing him a happy Easter.

So thoughtful and, of course, merciful to a tee. Strange for a Pope who is so keen to talk of the freedom of movement of peoples as something sacrosanct, that suddenly barriers and walls which should normally be torn down are, for one person in particular, erected with papal blessing. Oh well, I guess the regime of surprises, contradictions and wholly unnecessary villainy of biblical proportions strikes again.

Yesterday, I posted a new song, a rendition of Bob Marley's 'One Love' adapted to the theme of our contemporary obsession with inter-faith and ecumenical dialogue so loved by Pope Francis and the Prince of Inter-Communion himself, Cardinal Kasper. It can be viewed here. I don't think either of them would appreciate my latest effort.

Happy Easter again to all, do say a prayer for Fra Matthew Festing. It cannot be many people who have been told with the Pope's approval not to come to the Eternal City for a while 'just because...'


Anonymous said…
Should that be cloak Bones?
The Bones said…
I see you are right there.

Anonymous said…
You're incredible, Mr.Bones, I appreciate One Lord very much. God bless+
Kathleen1031 said…
Oh my must laugh. Thank you so much for a really funny commentary on a tragic situation. These Modernists are openly manipulative, they will get the outcome they desire by hook or by crook. I thought Fra Festing was possibly going to be re-nominated and that would be approved by the pope? Guess again! Oh they even care what Catholics think of them at all?
The Once Sovereign Order of Malta must have a lot of money. Cha ching!
Mary Kay said…
Thanks for your newest song! Our world is falling to rapid ruin. I appreciate your realistic version of what we see. Fra Festing should deliberately show up in Rome now, just for the fun of it. ;-)
Physiocrat said…
Bones, read carefully the text at the top of your blog, regarding the fulfillment of the prophecies. Have they, or have they not been fulfilled? Are we reading the signs of the times correctly?
Comfyteor said…
From the letter of the delegate to the order of Malta:
"I ask you this as an act of obedience"

AKA "I order you to".

Instead, let your message be 'Yes' for 'Yes' and 'No' for 'No.' Anything more than that comes from the evil one.
rubyroad said…
I agree with Mary Kay. He should go. And he might be elected anyway.