Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Brighton and Hove City Council's Homelessness Policy in Action

These images are from the 'Green Walkway' near where I live. 

It is not frequented by a particularly large footfall of pedestrians.

These images speak for themselves and document Brighton and Hove City Council's policy towards the homeless of Brighton and Hove.

A small group of homeless had erected tents in this area.

Night-time temperatures have been recorded in the past week at 0 - 1 degree celcius.

The homeless men wished to make no comment other than to say that it is not, or should not be made in effect, illegal to be homeless.

They sleep in tents and in small numbers because it is safer. They received no complaints from residents themselves, have caused no trouble to residents or damage to the area. Even the police were friendly towards them.

Only Brighton and Hove City Council have an issue with them.

At the time of discussion with them homeless they had no intention of going to an official campsite where they would have to pay £21.70 per night, money that I presume they do not have, instead considering their options outside of the city.

I don't know how Brighton and Hove City Council should deal with homeless men and women pitching up tents in parks and garden areas of the city nor do I know what the solutions are for homelessness in the area.

But I'm pretty sure there is a better way to deal with homelessness than that policy pursued by Brighton and Hove City Council.

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