Invitation to Perform for the Pope!

I have news of great joy!

I've had an invitation from the Pope to perform 'That's Amoris' and 'RCIA' for him in June!

More information to come! 

I'm so excited!

check the date


Anonymous said…
Are you kidding us, aren't you?
umblepie said…

Sorry, not funny. Suggest a change of subject matter, PF has become boring.
Easter will be here in two weeks, a time of Christian triumph and joy.
Best wishes.
The Bones said…

Yes, joke!
Anonymous said…
You'll do a fantastic job!! And of all days to be invited! What a coincidence... Love your blog, Mr. Bones. Don't quit!
viterbo said…
There are Popes - 'tis true.
Eschatalogically, there has risen Nopes.
Pelerin said…
Has your blog shrunk or is it my computer?

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