Quando, Quando, Quando


gracem said…
I think you are so clever!!
PaxTecum59 said…

This is a second clear message to Pope Francis from the laity. The first being the posters all over Rome. Its about time the Laity asks the Pope Quando (When)? When will all the confusion end?
Anonymous said…
Bright - straight to the point and funny!!!
Anonymous said…
Tell me when you'll be back home, tell me quando quando quando........great, Mr.Bones.
Ha!! Kudos, brother.

Dear Pope. You will lose even though you have no clue you will lose for your will is not the will of the one whose vicar you are supposed to be.

So rant on, revolutionary man, rant on and hog the spotlight for your own masonic-inspired anthropocentric reign and spit and hiss at those who uphold the Faith once delivered for it is not that long before you will be called to stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ to answer for your perfidy.

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