A Quick Post on Songs, Insults and Rumours

I have three more parody songs circling around my brain but will not, generally speaking, be posting them up on this blog. You can follow my postings on YouTube very easily here and subscribe to my channel should you wish.

Songs are not everybody's cup of tea and I know there is a danger of overkill ("oh no, not another one!") with what is starting to look like a collection of satirical protest songs, as we pray and work for the liberation and exaltation of our Holy Mother the Church and the salvation of souls. By subscribing to my channel you can be informed of new releases at your leisure.

'Listen restorationists, I don't want anyone insulting people around here.'
During Lent (which is fast approaching) I'll decrease blogging output considerably (at least, that's the resolution, though who knows what His Holiness might 'make me do'). But I will, God willing, dedicate some serious time to updating the Pope Francis Little Book of Insults, an archiving work of considerable historical value for the Church. His Holiness has, quite bizarrely, been talking about insults and their effect very recently. 

It goes without saying that this painstaking and painful work will be a light Lenten penance for me, as well as an examination of conscience, since I often think so many of these apply to me. I think that is the Holy Father's intention. I see that it has now been translated up to its current point of progress in Italian. It only remains therefore for the work to be translated in Latin.

Events, insults and rumours (talk of a new-new Mass, episcopal sell-out to China, talk of 'new' Catechisms, an '(un)official' response to the dubia with a caveat of plausible deniability for the Pope) the list goes on and on and depressingly on) seem to be gathering at a pace which is unfathomably fast. Certain people in high places in the Church, you and they know very well who they are, are in a great rush to achieve their personal or 'club' goals in building the Church, or the Temple or the Multi-Faith Religious Centre, whatever they think they'd like to call it, that will in no way resemble the Church of Jesus Christ.

However, we must pray very much that events overtake the 'great reformer(s)' who seek to reshape the Church in their own pseudo-religous-humanist image. Unpredictable things have been happening in the world in the last year. We must pray and do what we can to protect the Church and preserve the Faith intact (not only in Portugal!) while wolves seek to devour it and rip it to pieces. Wolves hunt in packs and show no mercy. There is no negotiation with them. No real dialogue. No answer to appeals. Benedict XVI used words very precisely and carefully, in contrast to his successor.


"Just like me, they long to be, close to you...ahhhh-ahhh-ahhh, close to you..."

Ah yes, he sure got that right! 

But then, he was right about so very much.

Image result for sspx

I don't know what will be left of the Catholic Church by the time, please God, the SSPX come in ('come on in, the water's fine!) and, quite frankly, I am surprised Bishop Fellay has not by now established a personal ordinariate for those fleeing the emerging Church(es) of Jorge Bergoglio, but this is a testament to the fidelity and humility of the SSPX whose attitude of openness and to 'dialogue' must be commended. Certainly, it will be heroic for the SSPX to make a Normandy beach-landing and do what they can to contribute to the rescue of Christian civilisation in the heart, or even in the peripheries of the Catholic Church. 

Image result for jesus christ crucifixion lanceWith or without dramatic divine intervention in the Church, it will be up to the next generations of Catholics to rebuild what is currently being torn down and demolished in the name of progress. One of the things about the demolition that we are currently, with sorrow, witnessing, is that one is just left unsure whether it is being done out of a desire to unite humanity or just out of pure malice towards Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother. I guess that ultimately, it is a bit of both.

Humanity can only find peace and salvation within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, born from the pierced Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in Whose loving arms sinners find grace and mercy, the graces necessary to live a new life respecting and loving God's commandments, the resolution to reject the Devil and his empty promises and life everlasting. No other message, however popular it may appear, will be a message faithful to the divine founder of the Catholic Church.

It is a terrible fact that both the Devil and Jesus Christ make claims to our salvation. One if a liar who promises us an easy road to Hell, the other is the Truth, is God Himself, who promises us a road to Heaven which is, though difficult, made sweet by His loving presence in our lives. A great battle is now and will, most likely, continue to rage.

We are in that war. We are combatants in that battle, We are the Church Militant. We fight with Michael, the warrior prince. Christ is Victor, Christ has won, the Devil is already conquered, those who prove victorious will trample upon the wicked who shall be like ashes under the feet of the just. Let us arm ourselves with faith, prayer, penance and the charity which will bring to men the hope that is within us, the Faith of Jesus Christ, the King who will return, the King whom the whole Church must proclaim. In these dark times, may we never lose sight or lose heart in the promises made by Jesus Christ. It will be very easy for us to see, as indeed it is now, the Crucifixion. To see that will require no great faith. It will take a greater faith, in these times, for us to see the Resurrection.

May the triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate 
Heart come, please God, soon!


Dancing w/Wolves said…
Don't understand how anyone could recommend the SSPX come in w/a pack of wolves. Are the SSPX priests going to say the new mass? teach the new catechism? Give 'the sacraments' to adulterers? They are not invading Normandy--they are being invited into the wolf den. What's to prevent Francis from taking over the SSPX--appointing his man, like he did Malta? Putting Fellay (after he himself puts the other 2 under arrest like he booted Wmson) under arrest and asked to turn over all his order's money? Infiltrating priests into the SSPX to overthrow it? There's something wrong w/you scribes who believe SSPX should join the N.O.

Why did John the Baptist spend his life in the desert--his father was a priest and he was of the line of Aaron. "And when the messengers of John were departed, he began to speak to the multitudes concerning John. What went ye out into the desert to see? a reed shaken with the wind? But what went you out to see? a man clothed in soft garments? Behold they that are in costly apparel and live delicately, are in the houses of kings. But what went you out to see? a prophet? Yea, I say to you, and more than a prophet."

Instead of recommending SSPX join the wolves (think about that: by joining the wolves, you fight the wolves. Get it? (I get Francis double talk!)) you might meditate during Lent on why you haven't gone into the desert. If Francis is a formal heretic, his followers, especially those like Rorate & you (who claim to know what is going on and waste your time writing frustrated ditties--sure all the blog wringers applaud but where will they be when you're being judged--are these posts really for the glory of God or anyone's true edification? Is this a fit response to what is being done to Burke & Manelli (think Fisher's head in a basket) are also heretics. Maybe Francis would stop if LIFESITE, ONE PETER FIVE, RORATE, FSSP, Institute of Christ the King, 40 Days for Life, Defund Planned Parenthood, Amerian Life League, and all the other self-called faithful, prolife scum got UP off their butts and WALKED OUT (like they should have done years ago)!


I don't think anyone in the N.O. realizes the depth to which they have fallen: here is a priest "praying" at -4.04 he's got his left hand in his pocket and his right hand gripping a microphone and he's standing in front of Planned Parenthood shouting at God (supposably).


As Jesus said to the pharisees:If you were blind, you should not have sin: but now you say: We see. Your sin remaineth. What do you think Jesus is going to say to you who stayed w/a pack of wolves who are devouring millions of souls, when He said, Do NOT sit in the assembly of the wicked?

Erica said…
Gotta agree with Dancing w/Wolves.
Basto said…
Yes, that's a wise decision on the songs. Meanwhile, I believe this video should be added to the Pope Francis little book of insults as preface.

Mary Kay said…
Dancing W/Wolves: You seem to have read way too fast and totally missed the meaning, and then took your little tangent off in the wrong direction with you. I realize these are distressing times but if you are always ready for a fight, perhaps you should choose some other reading material.

Laurence, the hits just keep coming! Early this morning I remembered a country song from the 80s by George Strait: Check Yes or No. Now I'm going to be remembering random songs that would make great parodies. That's not a bad thing because it makes me laugh, as do your great lyrics. :-)

Mary K

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