He's Got a Little List (And You're On It)...

'Conservatives and traditionalists in the Vatican secretly pass around phony mock-ups of the Vatican’s official paper, L’Osservatore Romano, making fun of the pope. Or they spread a YouTube video critiquing the pope and his exhortation on love in the family, “Amoris Laetitia,” which many traditionalists consider Francis’ opening salvo against the doctrine of the church. Set to the music of “That’s Amore,” an aggrieved crooner sings, “When will we all be freed from this cruel tyranny, that’s Amoris” and “It’s the climate of fear engineered for four years, that’s Amoris.”'

He's got a little list (and you're on it)...

The YouTube video is not linked to by the NYT.

This is a mercy, since there may be copyright issues with Andre Gieu and his orchestra.

Thankfully, anyway, I may have escaped the 'little list', since His Holiness only reads 
La Repubblica.

We know this because he said so.

And his testimony is true.

Because His Holiness is trustworthy.

And anyway, Francis is the Pope of mercy and accompaniment.

Phew, that was a close shave!


Mark Docherty said…
And so it came to pass that you made the NYT. You're famous!
The Bones said…
I expect to slip quietly back into the peripheries where the Holy Father wants to find us. Hopefully alive.
The Bones said…
Let's face it, no-one reads the NYT nowadays anyway.
Pray Night & Day said…
Reason no-one reads NYTimes is due to sentences like these: "Yet in a newly turbulent world, Francis is suddenly a lonelier figure. Where once Francis had a powerful ally in the White House in Barack Obama, now there is Mr. Trump and Mr. Bannon, this new president’s ideological guru."


So glad babies will be safer (not to mention old people, the sick, our veterans) even as Pope Francis hosts a conference on how he and his "powerful" satanic allies can KILL us! His sins (crimes), and those of his supporters, cry out to heaven for vengeance. So let us cry out night and day!





Unknown said…
He's not the pope.

Seattle kim

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