Swimming, Against the Tide

Swimming, Against the Tide

You feel unnerved
And you can’t sleep at night
Is it something else you read online?
You’d put your trust in the Prince and now
Your sole refuge is with the Most High
Once you would swim with such confidence
With no need to grow weary and tired
Full of worry now!
‘When will this darkness end?’
‘When will the day be bright?’
‘When will we see light?’

Many waters cannot quench love
As sings the Bridegroom to the Bride
Many waters cannot quench love
But now you start to realise
Many waters cannot quench love

When every day brings another blow
And your hopes don’t materialise
Between the lines of a release from Rome
One, long recycled tissue of lies
As Mother Church praises ‘Mother Earth’
When Our Mother in Heaven resides!
O full of sorrow now!
And you take a breath
And you just roll your eyes
Turn them to the skies

Many waters cannot quench love
But now your Love is being denied!
Many waters cannot quench love
While their plans are finalised
Wherever that Sea dreams to send us

You are swimming, we are swimming, we are swimming, you are swimming against the tide
Because we’re swimming, we are swimming
You are swimming,
Where the Tiber meets the Rhine

(Let all Israel sing)
For when men rose up against us
They might have skinned us all alive,
The foaming waters couldn’t end us
They think they’re winning,
they think they’re winning, they think their winning,
But it’s the King who will decide!

They think sinning, they think that sinning,
they think that sinning
is just a another way of life!
We know that,
Many waters cannot quench love
So when Deep calls to the deep, calls you to rise
Star of the Sea, hear and defend us,
From the City, from the City, from the City,
Crowned at thy Divine Son’s side
In thy pity, in thy pity, in thy pity
Gird thyself upon thy thigh,
(O mighty one)
In thy comeliness and beauty,
Shed the brightness of thy rays
Thou hast loved justice, evil hated
Proceed prosperously and reign!
Because of justice, truth and meekness

Free thy city, free thy city, free thy city, free thy city, make thy city yours again!
Let thy city, let thy city, let thy city, occupied
Become your most loyal domain!

(O mighty one)
Many waters cannot quench love
To every Prince, be the splendour of our race
In honour of your glorious Assumption


M. Prodigal said…
Yes, I know that many faithful feel they are swimming against the tide of the modern church which is going the way of the world. And that is very painful because the faithful want to look to and trust their shepherds and most cannot do that, even to the highest levels. And you do not want to read Pewsitter too much because there is basically NO good church news to be had or reported upon. What do the faithful sheep do? They cry out to the Good Shepherd! They hunker down and continue to do their best to live a true and traditional Catholic life while the secular world and government becomes more hostile and Church leaders are compromising with it and seem to be calling evils, good.
Anonymous said…
I cannot swim, so I stay on the seashore and wait for the Lord to come walking on the sea, I know He will come, sooner or later.... I don't trust these Church leaders, anyone of them, but one, and I wait and pray, I wait and pray.....God bless+
Charlesdawson said…
"This October’s synod will allow bishops to adapt Church teaching on the family to the local culture, political landscape and economic situation, an African cardinal has predicted......The episcopal conferences have been sent, not to replace or to change the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ or the teaching of the Church, but to see that the teaching of the Gospel is inculturated, is put into the life situation of the particular country or particular society,” Cardinal Souraphiel said."

Seems that the new buzz-word "inculturated" is a weasel-word if ever I saw one. Is he really saying that Circumstances Alter Cases?

Compare and contrast GKC: " "Reason and justice grip the remotest and the loneliest star. Look at those stars. Don't they look as if they were single diamonds and sapphires? Well, you can imagine any mad botany or geology you please. Think of forests of adamant with leaves of brilliants. Think the moon is a blue moon, a single elephantine sapphire. But don't fancy that all that frantic astronomy would make the smallest difference to the reason and justice of conduct. On plains of opal, under cliffs cut out of pearl, you would still find a notice-board, 'Thou shalt not steal.'" (The Blue Cross)
torchofthefaith said…
God bless your heart Laurence!
The problem is we're not swimming - we're on the Barque of Peter and the Captain and the chief officers have decided to switch off the auto-cruise and ignore all the charts and the ship's instruction manual and are seeking to turn the boat round to go with the tide and explore new territories - even if it means splitting up crew and passengers - meanwhile many on board under the guidance of loyal officers and the maps and compass are sticking their oars into the turbulent waters to stop the errant misguided executive officers sending us on the wrong route - meanwhile group leaders and spokesmen are kicking our shins pulling our arms and ordering us to stop interfering and accept the tide because where the tide takes us is where we are supposed to go
Jacobi said…
Analogies apart, this is not a question of direction, but of Truth.

There are Relativist factions in the Church who have tried since before Vatican II to alter Catholic doctrine. The second session on the Synod will give them a second ideal opportunity by means of Gradualism and innuendo to further that heretical and therefore schismatic objective.

Specifically they will try to destroy the doctrine of the Indissolubility of Marriage, then they will attempt to have homosexual practise declared unsinful, and implicit in this is a denial of the Eucharist as being the Real Presence and by introducing Holy Communion for all, a denial of Consecration in the Mass, and therefore of the Ordained Priesthood.

Why they have been given this second opportunity is a mystery.

If these Relativists pursue their intent and are not clearly, authoritatively and unambiguously condemned, then we will, have not just incidental heretical schism, such as we already have, but open and actual schism.

There will then be two Churches, the Catholic Church, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and another church, possibly several, who will not be Catholic, whatever they choose to call themselves.
Unknown said…
I disagree. I think most of the ship's crew, much of its manifest and the captain himself left Pete's boat and hopped on a Carnival cruise liner long ago.

Seattle kim
Long-Skirts said…
On the side of the angels said...
"The problem is we're not swimming - we're on the Barque of Peter and the Captain and the chief officers have decided to switch off the auto-cruise and ignore all the charts and the ship's instruction manual and are seeking to turn the boat round to go with the tide and explore new territories"


Nowhere to kneel
No Tabernacle
No candle red
Just marble crackle

A sepulchre
Deathly white
To help good souls
Despair, take flight

That's WHAT they want
That is their plan
Then mock, "You dis -
obedient man!"

But in the depths
Of doctrine deep
Sails the Ship
That will not sleep

Full of disobedient
Obeying Christ
In priests that keep

The Barque of Peter
On its course
Though her bowels be bricked
By a sinister source

Then damn the torpedoes
Will blast through the block
Full speed ahead

No sepulchre whites
Disobedience, despairs --
Only seas of gold Masses
By an Archbishop's Peres!
Lynda said…
The heretics are led by the Pope.

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