Notes on the Shadow Synod Part II

Nicholas Bellord's latest piece detailing the events and speakers at the recent Shadow Synod is enlightening. His latest piece for the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma can be read here.

Happy Feast of St Pius X for tomorrow!

Ora pro nobis!


Unknown said…
What the Church has called adultery for 2000 years, no longer excommunicates you! Francis said so on Aug 5: "divorced and remarrieds are not excommunicated" straight from the Jorge's mouth!

Seattle kim
Jacobi said…
It does. The Holy Father speaking in a non-infallible capacity, has no authority to overule canon law.

And the Church still calls it adultery, which of course it is.

What a mess,eh?
Nicolas Bellord said…
Sorry Kim but committing adultery does not excommunicate you. Excommunication is a canonical process which can happen automatically as in procuring an abortion but is usually a penalty imposed by ecclesiastical authority. Adultery is a mortal sin which precludes you from receiving the Eucharist until how you have confessed the sin and received absolution. I am afraid many people will have taken the Pope's mention of excommunication as being equivalent to being in a state of mortal sin. Once again confusion has reigned.
Unknown said…
Not talking about an ecclesial excommunication, Nick. Talking about a personal excommunication per mortal sin during which time the only sacrament available to you is Penance.

Seattle kim
Nicolas Bellord said…
Kim: Pope Francis was clearly talking about excommunication in the sense of a Canon Law penalty. That is the usual meaning of the word 'excommunication'. You and I suspect many others will have taken it in your sense of 'personal excommunication'. That confuses the issue. I would hope that Pope Francis was just being careless.

I have checked out that in Canon Law there is no mention of excommunication for adultery per se. I think if the adultery was so scandalous and public the ecclesiastical authorities might consider such a penalty but I think that is very very unlikely. Henry VIII got himself excommunicated for digging up and burning the bones of Thomas a Becket and sundry other matters such as sacking monasteries but never for adultery.
Unknown said…
Very interesting info!! ok I stand corrected, Nick.
So tired of all his confounded, confusing speech.

Off to British Columbia now where I'll having high tea like you guys.


Seattle K
Anonymous said…
Even it's not worth excommunication, it is always a mortal sin, but I'm not sure in this shambles church sin is contemplated, no sin, no hell,no penance, but this isn't real Church, it's bergie's vision....

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