What's With All This Timebomb Talk?

The ones on the left look okay, but the old folk could explode at any moment...
With G4S giving brewery hirers a lesson in how not to organise a celebratory function, you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe if terrorists are lurking around London plotting something even more ominous than the building designed in a bid to stab God's foot, that this year they may just win gold.

But its not just the threat of a terrorist atrocity that we have to deal with in Cameron's Britain. No, there is something just as explosive and as dangerous as bombs hidden inside people's pants. That's right. Old people.

The Office for Budget Responsibility, so-called because the country's budget has been managed very responsibly ever since the department was opened, is warning of a demographic 'timebomb' caused by elderly people who just won't lay down and do the honourable thing. If you are now, have been or ever will be old, take note because the climate of the United Kingdom is not going to be favourable to you. You see, advances in medicine in a society that prizes health as something so important that it informs what kind of butter you should buy, or indeed whether you should buy butter at all, mean that people are living longer lives.

In the bad old days when the State didn't care for the 'welfare' of the people - when there was no welfare State - people met their Maker quicker than they did before. In those bad old days when people lived less long, people also had more children. In fact, some people, backward types, had more children so that one or maybe two would look after them when they became older and less able to look after themselves. These people, in modern wisdom, were clearly born senile. In these days, I believe considered by the majority in Britain to be the 'dark ages', you would think that there was less talk of what people now consider a 'demographic timebomb'. Except, there that wouldn't be true...

The Rockereller Foundation, for one, published a little 1968 report warning of the dangers of too many human beings being around. In it appear this quote, under the heading 'Problems of Population':

"Experience of the past few years indicates that the oral pill and the IUD, while far superior in many respects to contraceptive methods available previously, have serious drawbacks that limit their effectiveness. . . . We are faced with the danger that within a few years these two 'modern' methods, for which such high hopes have been held, will in fact turn out to be impracticable on a mass scale. ... It is clear that major improvements in contraceptive methodology are required. . . . Radically better methods can come with certainty only from research of high quality undertaken in depth from different approaches. First-rate research is today well below the level needed to bring about major developments in reproductive biology."

It's worth a read, that report, especially for those still doubting whether artificial contraception and abortion is about anything other than 'population stablization' (whatever that means). Of course, years later we understand just how effective was the influence of such foundations in spreading at home and abroad the abortive/contraceptive agenda that is so unquestioned and rampant that when David Cameron tells a conference of eugenics advocates at a gathering with Melinda Gates that the Church should be encouraged to change and relax its attitude to artificial contraception, or that the West needs to send this stuff to Africa NOW! before the continent starves to death for lack of contraceptive injections, the mainstream media don't bat an eyelid.

So, there was a demographic 'timebomb' in the 1960s. It was awful. What we were looking at was a bleak future in which there would be too many people because people were having quite a lot of children. There literally wouldn't have been enough cake for the people to eat. You could have sown wheatfield after wheatfield and the bread would not have gone around the World while the Rockerfellers and the other misanthropic billionaires still today calling for population culling drank champagne and chatted with Presidents. What was worse was that revolutions in healthcare meant that people would live longer.

Thank God above, however, that the West bought the propaganda that surrounded the advent of the pill and acceptance of abortion because, since then, lots of people, millions of people in fact, have either been aborted of not conceived. We created a 'sustainable future' and thwarted God into the bargain. Two for the price of one! Except, wait! The future is not sustainable enough. Why? Because the old people are living longer and the State, which cares so much for the welfare of its citizens that it created a 'Welfare State' now realises that there isn't enough money in the coffers to look after the elderly people it so lovingly embraced to its bosom.

Something must be done and the State is the only one around here that's going to do it because, let's face it, obviously God's plan for humanity ("Go forth and multiply") fell short. What humanity really needed was a serpent to tell the woman to take the pill, for the woman to tell the man to wear a condom and the man to encourage her to have an abortion. Everyone's a winner! At least, that's what we thought, but now we come to the crunch - the credit crunch.

The idea of a welfare state supporting the elderly is great. In practise it works badly, but the idea is essentially not intrinsically evil. But once people have either decided against being open to children, not only do they have fewer visitors at the elderly care home when its their turn in the house that society forgot (to visit), but all the little taxpayers and potential taxpayers that either did exist or should have existed do not exist in this World - perpetually. We slaughtered our future and with it we tore a gaping hole into the budget. We bought the lie that the contraceptive culture would bring us riches, liberation and convenience, but now our children worship what we worshipped and prize their independence and financial security above even loyalty and familial ties. We are left to the whims of the State, reduced to a statistic and told that our existence is threatening the economic stability of the entire nation. We are tearing a hole in the budget like a giant shard of glass piercing the London sky. We are a drain on the resources of the country. We are old, we are getting sick, we can't remember who our husbands were, we need help to get to the toilet, we don't make it there and we are informed that we are in to be put on the Liverpool Pathway, yet Penny Lane is nowhere to be found.

The truth, of course, is that the Government cannot afford the elderly because the economy and the Government is 'bust' even though its hosting the Olympics and spending loads of money on contraceptives to export abroad and visit the economic, social and spiritual disaster that is contraception and abortion upon the 'developing humans' in the 'developing nations'. The truth is that this is a 'demographic timebomb' not because old people won't kick the bucket, but because young people looking after them or paying taxes for the State to look after them are becoming rarer and rarer. After these young people have been subjected to the culture of death for long enough, then after them will come even fewer young people because the World is such a miserable place and its so 'overcrowded', 'overpopulated' and polluted with the 'cancer' that is the class of humanity that isn't endowed with mansions and good 'breeding', why would anyone want to have children anyway?

No. What the United Kingdom needs is a population that is manageable, controllable, if you will, like the water flowing along until it meets a dam from out of which comes a tiny, sustainable trickle creating the perfect reservoir of humanity below. The truth, of course, is that the agendas driving Government are not ill thought out. We were told in 1968 that there was a demographic timebomb. Today in 2012, there is a demographic timebomb. The first timebomb was exploding children. The second timebomb is exploding elderly because we put a stop to exploding children and the State created a health service to keep people alive longer. Both exploding children and exploding elderly people are dangerous to humanity - or, at least - our twisted vision of it. We dealt with the kids in the sixties. Now its time for the elderly.

Both children and elderly people need to be eliminated or at least curbed on a mass scale in order for a harmonious society to exist peacefuly and, most of all, 'sustainably'. That's sustainable development and you won't be too surprised that the entire academic arena of sustainable development is awash with Marxists. They're not just working at The Tablet. Any sensible Government, any sensible newspaper indeed, would see the current crisis as an opportunity to tell the population of the United Kingdom that the drug-fuelled, Bealtes/Stones-fuelled social experiment of the 1960s has been an economic, social, political and spiritual failure of truly epic proportions and that the family must be promoted, that marriage must be promoted and that motherhood must once more be something esteemed and honoured.

That's the kind of thing they are starting to say in Russia because the population is shrinking. In Japan, where there has been only a tiny proportion of immigration, the population is being decimated by the abortive and contraceptive culture on a scale that far exceeds the human destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet, in Britain, the Government doesn't recommend any of these things. There must be another way! Indeed, there is and, instead, the 'Office for Budget Responsibility' recommends...yep, you guessed right: Immigration. Anyone would have thought the State was fully engaged in war not just in foreign territories, but on its own citizens. So, the Government are set on a policy, 'engineered' by Labour's Tony Blair to replace the children not being born in the United Kingdom with immigrants? As we know, anyone who questions that kind of policy of social engineering is a racist, xenophobic monster who deserves a kicking so hard that he can't even think anymore.

RIP United Kingdom. What with radicalised Islamists migrating here to replace the children we didn't have, breeding well and guarding your national sporting events, the future looks both rosy and secure. Sadly, we committed suicide in 1967 when we, as a nation, stood by (yes, I know I wasn't born then) and allowed the Government to even debate the contraceptive pill being made available first to married couples on the NHS and then to every schoolgirl who was up for it. We committed suicide in 1967 when we allowed the Government to even debate allowing private companies masquerading as charities to invade the wombs of its citizens and kill its unborn citizens in cold blood for the purpose of social and population cleansing and control. We are in danger of comitting suicide again by adopting that other sustainable development measure - 'gay marriage'.

And, here's a prediction. We'll commit suicide for real and it won't be a 'cry for help', if Lord Falconer has anything to do with it. After all, once a nation has killed its future, its bound to feel suicidal one day. That's how you engineer the collapse of nations while the banks still prosper even after banks, with the help of the State, rob their customers and the State's citizens blind. That's how you engineer a New World Order of which Britain is but one small block. Oh, and it is global. Just ask David Cameron. After all, this is the deadly recipe for not just for the United Kingdom, but for Africa, Asia and, indeed, for all continents. It's called Agenda 21, a blueprint for total control of nations and their populaces under a form of 'global governance'. Communism, or something like it, is on its way back, just as Our Lady of Fatima foretold. Ah, but what would the British public care if it was? The British public gave up on politics and Our Lady and her Divine Son years ago. It's never too late to take back your country. I hope and fervently pray that is what Our Lady thinks when she looks down upon England, her dowry.


pelerin said…
Absolutely brilliantly written Laurence. Why oh why can't those 'in charge' see what is happening?

As one of the 'exploding elderly' I fear greatly for the future of my generation and those to come. The science fiction nightmare of everyone having a limited life decided by the powers that be seems to be getting nearer.

It might only takes a little encouragement from someone 'in charge' to suggest to an elderly person who may be feeling ill and depressed that perhaps they have had their life and ought to give way to the younger generation, for them to agree. I believe Belgium and Holland already have a euthanasia policy. If our politicians start taking regular trips to the Low Countries we had better watch out. We could be next.
umblepie said…
Superb post, which needs to be read and acted upon by those who genuinely care for our people and our Country. You have published numerous posts in similar vein, all of which have been excellent. Have you considered collating these and publishing them in booklet/pamphlet form. They deserve and should be available to everyone. Failing this, is there any possibility of having them individually published in a sympathetic newspaper or other publication?
Lynda said…
Thank you. The main factor in there being PROPORTIOATELY too many elderly people, is, of course, primarily due to the decimation of the last two generations by contraception and its ever present partner, abortion. The demographic time bomb is not that there are "too many" elderly but that there are not enough people under, approximately, fifty years of age, becoming more extreme in younger age cohorts. Everyone ought to be apprised of the truth - as set out so clearly in the compilation and analysis of various study's findings that is Demographic Winter. It debunks all of the ideological myths that have been forcibly fed to society by official and regulatory national and international bodies with no opposition brooked since the middle of the twentieth century. It is these myths that spawned, sustained and continue to spread the tentacles of the Culture of Death.
Spirit of Vatican II said…
Why are you encouraging this lunacy? Look at the other two post which precede the one. More conspiratorial nonsense. No 'sympathetic' newspaper would publish this because it is the ramblings of someone driven made by his own fears and delusions. Lawrence, stop trawling the darker regions of the internet, try and find job, don't sit up posting at 4.40am it isn't healthy.
pelerin said…
I agree with umblepie although I can't think of a secular newspaper which would welcome Laurence's latest article sadly.

I put a comment on the Daily Mail website today and see that I have come top of the red arrows with 76 - I brought it down to 75 by voting for myself! The article was about a deformed baby killed in India and I commented that although sad why is it that the thousands of aborted children here don't grab the headlines like this one poor child. Another commenter has said that I should not equate abortions at early stages with the murder of this child and he got green arrows.

Is it selfishness that makes people today not care about the very young and the elderly?
The Bones said…


No, Sir, lunacy is the status quo of aborting your future and killing your elderly. The lunatics are the ones running the asylum that is the World.

Advocates for both are well in charge of the State locally, nationally and supranationally.
Nicolas Bellord said…
Spirit of Vatican II: Why not try putting forward a rational argument in support of your views instead of just calling it lunacy in an ad hominem attack?
Physiocrat said…
The Bill and Melina Gates Foundation is funding "reproductive advice" in the third world. We don't want too many darkies breeding, do we?