Keep Calm and Pray the Rosary

I don't know about you, but I read Dr William Oddie's piece today on the website of The Catholic Herald with a sense of foreboding.

I really hope and I really pray that our Government are truly concerned about the protection of the nation in the 2012 Olympics, but I am beginning to have my doubts. 

With so much live ammunition, missiles, regiments and thousands of security forces in and around London you could be forgiven, as Dr Oddie says, for thinking that Islamic terrorists have won because national security is being ratcheted up so much that anything resembling 'normal life' is, in London, at least, being suspended. People who work in certain jobs, like civil servants in Whitehall are being told to work from home. This has alarm bells ringing in my ears because it reminds me of how various people were called and told not to go to work on the day Twin Towers fell and some were told not to fly.

The hope is that these games pass without incident and that the fears aroused in some quarters of the internet are unfounded. I certainly hope and pray that is the case. Without wishing to sound like a character from Star Wars, however, I personally have a 'bad feeling' about these games. When I was in London I experienced a sense that these Olympic games will not pass well, that there is something afoot and that through it Britain is about to lose its liberty. Feelings are feelings, they are not to be trusted but then I read around and I am now preparing myself for whatever may come.

In 2010 the Rockerfeller Foundation issued a report available on its website offering various 'scenarios' in the next 10-20 years. One of these scenarios is, I quote:

'Devastating shocks like September 11, the Southeast Asian tsunami of 2004, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake had certainly primed the world for sudden disasters. But no one was prepared for a world in which large-scale catastrophes would occur with such breathtaking frequency. The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the “doom decade” for good reason: the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000, was followed closely by an earthquake in Indonesia killing 40,000, a tsunami that almost wiped out Nicaragua, and the onset of the West China Famine, caused by a once-in-a-millennium drought linked to climate change.' 

Now, of course this Rockerfeller report mapping out potential futures and 'scenarios' for the World and how Governments might want to prepare for them could be innocent enough. After all, we all worry about the future and investors, and let's face it the Rockerfellers are investors, have stakes in it, some more than others. According to the Rockefeller Report, it could look something like this:

Looks fun doesn't it? Especially 'lock step'. My concerns are heightened by an interview with an investigative journalist called Lee Hazledean who went undercover at G4S and reported what he saw.

Here's the blurb from his interview which you can download here.

'The 2012 London olympics start in 4 weeks time. Exclusive interview with investigative journalist Lee Hazledean who is training undercover as a security guard for the London olympics with private security firm G4S.'

Lee is a filmmaker and investigative TV journalist. He has also been involved in major stories on the IRA and how British Army infiltrated the organisation and carried out false flag operations. He has managed to get undercover as part of the security team at the 2012 Olympics with G4S.

He has found there is a media black out on all major news outlets to do with the Olympics unless the story is broken in a news paper or foreign news agency it’s unlikely to see the light of day. Security training and officers are so appaling that the safety and security of the London 2012 Olympics are in jeopardy.

A few example’s: The security training is woefully inadequate run by a training company called Contemporary International. Lee has been assigned to work in a PSA (Pedestrian Screening Area) the main security for the stadiums. During an exercise he was asked to pose as a would-be terrorist and managed to get knives, guns and IED’s through security screening on every occasion and every exercise.

The X-Ray operators have only two days of training, they aren’t trained properly and miss the most obvious prohibited items gun’s, knives, IED’s, ammunition etc. Bag and physical searchers again are missing dangerous weapons, trainees can’t use vital security equipment like the HHMD (Hand Held Metal detectors) they can’t even communicate properly with the public on a basic level.

Worryingly the ‘Rapiscan’ walk through metal detectors don’t work properly and aren’t sensitive enough to pick up large knives, ammunition and other metallic threats. He was told that they would be set to go off only after 50 people have walked through to limit queuing time and to get spectators into the venue.

So a Terrorist if they basically queued up would probably get through wearing a suicide vest. G4S are dragging the job centres to recruit the long term unemployed for security officers regardless of how suitable they are for the role. In classes there are drug deals going down, people can’t speak any English whatsoever and others who find people with disabilities offensive and are constantly making disabled jokes.

People with no security experience are being rushed through training for their SIA licenses. People who haven’t even completed their SIA licenses yet are being picked to be Team Leaders over highly trained security officers, ex soldiers and ex police. Being a team leader is an important role as the first and last line of defence. Lee is concerned that weapons or worse will be getting into the games.

However, what’s more disturbing is that uniforms are already going missing or being stolen from the uniform distribution centre/training facility. The training facility is an accurate mock-up of the actual security measures at the Olympic venues.

Lee has witnessed several people taking photos on their mobile phones in the training facility and whilst they have been a few people caught by trainers most aren’t noticed. Even when they are caught they are just told to delete the photos and they continue on the training. We know that terrorists take surveillance photos to gain intelligence.

Contemporary International claim that they have mobile phone ‘jammers’ in the facility, however trainers admitted to Lee that there were no ‘jammers’ at all, it was a verbal deterrent. The training facility is a non sporting Olympic venue and a terrorist target. Therefore G4S can’t even secure a school let alone the Olympic Venues.

Also there are plans for the evacuation of London, G4S are going to be at the forefront, as well as 100,000 troops coming in via Woolwich barracks made up of regular British Forces, American regular army and European troops

Lee was not told why there would be any need for an evacuation of the whole of London, they just said it was to be a “defining moment in the history of London”. This could just be a precaution but the public should be made aware of the foreign invasion which is taking place right now.

The troops are being held across London in various barracks once they’ve been through Woolwich. Lee also had this information confirmed by an army doctor who was shocked at all the foreign troops coming into London. 

There is also a shipment of what are being described as casket linings, each casket can hold four or five people and 200,000 casket linings have been delivered we believe from America. This could all be precautionary in the event of a major terrorist attack.

Also we were shown videos of drones attacking targets in Afghanistan and were told that drones will be patrolling the sky’s over London during the Olympics carrying out surveillance and search and destroy missions if necessary. Lee believes there is something fundamentally wrong with how the security for the Olympics is being implemented by G4S. With exactly 4 weeks to go until the games Lee feels he needs to expose the inadequate security in place in the hope that it can be improved so that the London 2012 Olympics can be a safe environment for spectators and Athletes alike, and not a cause for national and international embarrassment for Great Britain.'

Well, if security is a 'shambles' then I guess its best to prepare for the worst, but the strange thing is that security doesn't look a shambles at all. It looks like the Army have London covered for every possibility. It looks distinctly like a war zone from certain pictures. Have we brought the 'war on terror' to the United Kingdom?  Why is it that the London 7/7 bombings took place the very next day after the news that London had won the Olympics? What is this bizarre sacrificial exploding London bus dance at the close of the last Olympics in Beijing? Why have this years little Olympic mascots each only one eye? What's with the weird occultist symbolism that surrounds the Olympics and their weird, masonic, pyramid lit stadiums? Why is it that the rituals and symbols of the pre-Olympics dancing priestesses just makes you think of The Wickerman?

Well, I'm no prophet, I am merely an investigative Catholic blogger who has most likely met his match and may soon meet his Maker.  So allow me to tell you what I have learned.

Who, or What is G4S?

You thought, like I, that G4S were just an ordinary security company. I've seen their cash security van at Brighton station. If you had told me this company were securing oil pipelines in Iraq and working in Yemen I would tell you you were mad. In fact I see their security van every day, same time in town. I figure they just collect money from train station machines.

I mean, security companies do security and we've all been to events where there has been an element of security. Perhaps you thought G4S were just a big company that provide security solutions in the UK for banks, shops and convicts. They're known now for not knowing what they are doing, bungling prisoner moves and the like and today for being hapless in providing enough decent staff to cater for the security needs of the Olympics.  Olympics news reports, however, a bit odd. News that the Olympic officials have a quick get away lane out of the Olympic village and that taxi drivers are being urged not to work for six weeks is unsettling. It's like something out of North Korea. Is that where the rest of us not in the 'Olympic lane' are headed?

Allow me, however, to make an assertion. The staff at London 2012 may indeed be cowboys, but G4S most assuredly are not and if they are cowboys it is because this gigantic company/organisation/force has deliberately ensured that to be the case. They are huge. Massive. G4S are a leviathan of a company which, were its full power to be used, could crush a whole nation into submission under martial law with all the technology at their disposal to enact the dystopic visions of Orwell and Huxley. They are nothing short of a global police force. They're reputation is being destroyed in the Press now because it is important for this agenda that they are viewed as hapless chancers and we can all thank God that the British Army are here for us to protect us. The staff may be, but G4S are not amateurs. Allow me to introduce you to their services and their prestigious roles around the globe.

Global Brand

G4S are not just the leading security company in the UK. They are the leading security company in the United States. They have operations in Canada, Egypt, Israel, Iraq ('providing protective security, stabilisation and post-conflict reconstruction services to government and commercial organisations since 2003'), Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela,   Noord-Amerika, Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, République Démocratique du Congo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Guam and CNMI, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Maca, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Austria, Belgium, Nederlands, Bulgaria, Česká republika, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Latvia, Lietuva, Luxembourg, Magyarország, Malta, Nederland, Norge, Northern Ireland, Poland, Republika Slovenija, Romania, Slovenská republika, Srbija, Sweden, Türkiye, Ukraine and last, but not least, United Kingdom. Everywhere, basically.

Brothers and sisters. This is no ordinary security firm. I know the Olympics is a big international event, but this company are huge in expanse, in responsibility, in regions of the World where you just would not expect them to be. Who on Earth is this company? What kind of a security company have such a massive remit as this one? For this G4S Global also manage security technology for Government, Education, Emergency Services, Prisons, Manufacturing, Transport, Telecommunications, IT, Leisure and Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunications, Transport, Utilities, Oil and Petroleum. They provide: Unified Security Intelligence, Symmetry Access Control, Symmetry Video Management, Symmetry Software Modules, GCS Guard Patrol, Cashless Payments, Consumable Products, Secure Payment Processing. They secure GCHQ. They have the keys, I guess, to Parliament itself. The range of their technology is immense. G4S have been 'securing' the activities of Halliburton since 1998 and manage security at the Hoover Dam.

Its Maritime Security Solutions spans the globe. Look. Below is a map of where they have operations. Gosh, well would you look at that. These guys work in Pakistan and the Yemen and Saudi Arabia too!

It was nice knowing you readers. According to their site, 'All G4S security teams have the latest in defensive and communication equipment to best protect our clients’ people and assets. G4S sources only the very highest level of safety and defensive equipment such as body armour and helmets along with other necessary equipment for all G4S Maritime Security Officers to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities. All of the G4S weapons and ammunition are bought in Europe and cleared by the UN.  From here they are transported to the various navy armouries where G4S are licensed to move armaments. They are kept under lock and key by the authorities before being transported to the waiting vessels.' They are responsible for maintaining the safety of the seas from Somali pirates.'

According to their webpage, 'All G4S security teams have the latest in defensive and communication equipment to best protect our clients’ people and assets. G4S have a dedicated Maritime Incident Management Centre open 24hrs X 7 days a week. From this centre G4S manage all the communication operations and report directly to the Shipping company and military authorities: UKMTOMSCHOA, NATO SHIPPING CENTER, MARLO BARHAIN, IMB. G4S Team Leader is equipped with global communications equipment, he can contact G4S Maritime Incident Management Centre 24hrs X 7 days a week.'

Are you still with me? Allow me to continue. G4S boast, too, of being, wait for it, the experts for valuable cargo with G4S International Logistic. Oh boy, and do these guys do business with the big guys. Real big guys! Listen to this...

'At G4S International Logistics, our decades of experience developing industry standards for high security shipping best practices enables us to create secure logistics solutions for just about any high risk transport. We are keenly aware of the economic and reputational risk associated with the transport of currency components, finished banknotes and sensitive bank documents. Our proven secure shipping solutions mitigate that risk across every leg of the transport journey, ensuring safe delivery.'

Their secured shipping solutions includes: secure collection, tactical solutions including routing, escorting, anonymity and timing, customs clearance, secure delivery, insurance and assumption of liability.
That bit, by the way, is promoting their work for Central Banks of the World. They handle the sensitive supply chain for pharmaceuticals, Government, mining, precious metals and it looks like they might just be giving a helping hand to the blood diamond trade. Their global secure international transport service includes a global all-risk policy up to $200M per shipment. Now that's what I call insurance! Why not check out their webpage and find an office. According to the site, its Headquarters are in London. In Princess House, Thames Tower, 1 Suffolk Lane, London EC4R 0AX. G4S share office quarters with Lloyds Bank.

When you type that address into Google you get a site called the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) listing its members and parent company members. G4S are listed with all of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's best banking friends, such as JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. I don't know, maybe they were the company who shipped all the gold out of the country when Brown sold it all, or something, or maybe they're just plain old 'market members'.

It sounds to me like this company, all round, don't mind getting their hands a bit dirty. Perhaps they're just the kind of guys we want closing down London. But what they are not is cowboys. And here is what worries me.

We are being prepped for a major event that seemingly has little to do with sport and everything to do with the imposition of some kind of totalitarianism in the United Kingdom. The militarisation of London is scaring the pants off Londoners and quite rightly so. The armies now based in London are not just from Britain, but from other countries too.

I'll cut to the chase because I think I've taken this as far as it can go. Hopefully, it will go right into the heart of the British Establishment. G4S as well as being responsible for the provision and manufacture of the most state of the art equipment with which to create an all-seeing Government also have a branch called G4S Government Solutions. They happen to be responsible for nuclear security in the USA, so if, let's say, any nuclear material went missing in the US and ends up in London at the Olympic Games then you may as well not just blame G4S for being slack at searching Muslims, but you may as well blame them also for the nuclear material actually going missing in the first place, since they guard that too. That's the point. They guard everything, most likely, including gold.

G4S GS has been entrusted to protect some of our nation’s most critical facilities and strategic resources. Utilizing a cadre of highly trained and equipped para-military security personnel, G4S GS ensures the security of the Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration’s (DOE/NNSA) Y-12 National Security Complex, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, East Tennessee Technology Park, Savannah River Site, Nevada Test Site, Sandia National laboratory Tonopah Test Range, and the Hanford Site.

These facilities, which comprise the bulk of our nation’s nuclear weapons program infrastructure and material storage facilities for plutonium, uranium and tritium, as well as leading-edge scientific research facilities, are critical to our national security and require the highest level of security.

In addition, G4S GS also provides security for several key National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) facilities and programs, including the Kennedy Space Center, Johnson Space Center, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, White Sands Test Facility, Ames Research Center, and Dryden Flight Research Center. A critical element of this G4S GS mission includes protection and support to the Space Shuttle Program, at the Kennedy Space Center, when the shuttle is enroute from Dreyden Flight Research Center to Kennedy Space Center, and wherever the shuttle is located or expected to be located. The vast majority of the personnel employed by G4S GS to perform these high-level security missions have extensive military and/or police experience, many with recent combat experience in Iraq or Afghanistan. They are trained by G4S GS at some of the best, state-of-the-art training facilities in the country. 

These facilities contain live-fire shoot-houses, reconfigurable tactical training facilities designed to replicate any target facility on a site, indoor and outdoor live-fire ranges, high-tech weapons simulators, tactical training ranges that allow both mounted and dismounted firing, and pursuit driving courses. Armed with the same weapons and outfitted with the same equipment as the US military, organized into small units for tactical deployment, and fully trained to detect, deter and/or defeat a determined and well-equipped adversary force intent on compromising our national security, our protective forces assure our clients that their sensitive facilities and material are secure. M-4 carbines, light and medium machineguns, automatic grenade launchers, Dillon-Aero Gatling guns capable of firing 3,000 rounds per minute, fragmentation grenades, night vision devices, armored vehicles, and airborne and waterborne firing platforms for engagement or insertion of forces, are but some of the weapons and equipment used by our security personnel at various sites.

G4S GS protective forces at these sites perform the full gamut of security services, to include: manning fixed posts and mobile patrols; checking badges and searching personnel and vehicles; alarm monitoring, dispatch and response; canine explosive and human detection; airborne and waterborne surveillance; response force tactical operations; vulnerability assessments; and performance testing. In addition to the approximately 1,500 para-military Security Police Officers at these DOE/NNSA/NASA facilities, G4S GS also has over 350 Special Response Team/Special Weapons and Tactics (SRT/SWAT)-trained personnel dispersed at these sites, who are capable of performing offensive/defensive operations, recapture/recovery operations, building clearing, deliberate assault and rescue, and long range precision rifle engagement operations. Throughout their employment with G4S GS, our security personnel are required to re-qualify with assigned weapons at least semi-annually, as well as to attend frequently scheduled refresher training on all facets of their duties to ensure they maintain the training, battle focus and readiness needed to provide the dedicated and professional security demanded by the very nature of the sensitive facilities and material we protect.

All G4S GS security personnel assigned duties at these critical facilities maintain “Top-Secret” level security clearances and meet the requirements of their agencies’ enhanced human reliability programs, which require annual and random drug and alcohol testing, psychological testing, and, in some cases, polygraph testing. G4S GS is committed to providing the best trained, equipped and dedicated security force available to protect our client’s and our nation’s strategic facilities and resources. A testament to the outstanding performance of our protective forces at these facilities is our longevity (45 years at Nevada, 26 years at Savannah River, 10 years at Oak Ridge) and the outstanding Performance Evaluation scores received, which average in the mid-high 90’s at each of our sites. G4S GS is proud of our service to our country and we remain steadfast in our goal of providing best in class security services for our clients.

All in all, it looks like the G4S Gurkhas responsible for apparently training our Army are going to have to be on red alert over the London Olympic Games. All I'm saying is: Pray the Rosary, if you live in London or indeed Brighton, keep calm and pray the Rosary. I, for one, am a little perplexed why in 2010 a man wrote an article for the Daily Mail suggesting that, you know, terrorists could drive a boat up the Thames with a nuclear bomb and blow up London. Good to know G4S will keep us safe, because they are registered with the UN as a licensed provider of Armed Maritime Security Services. Even more disturbingly the BBC did some psychological preparation on us for some Olympic terrorist event in an episode of Spooks called 'Spooks: Code 9'. For those who don't know, spooks are MI5 agents.

Maybe, were something evil afoot, they don't need G4S to bring the nuclear material to London anyway. After all, one Times report suggested that one of the stadiums was built on the site of an experimental nuclear reactor in the heart of London. As well as securing our borders at ports and airports, G4S also provide security to government, leisure and tourism, major corporates and industrials, oil and gas, private energy and utilities, retail, transport and logistics.

Their services include, and these will come in handy in the coming complete takeover of British society by the State: care and justice services, cash management solutions, event security solutions, facilities management, global events, investigative services, manned security services, ordnance management, risk management and consultancy, secure data solutions, security systems and technology, training, transport services, utility services. That should be the United Kingdom pretty much covered. And that is G4S, well and truly covered. Makes you wonder about who is letting through all those illegal drugs doesn't it, eh? What are they? To me they look like an international police and security force led by the UN. They seem, after all, to have signed up to the UN's Global Compact agreement.

As you can see, these guys are professionals. They are not, I repeat, not amateurs. If security is lax then we have every reason to be concerned because it means security has been made lax deliberately. I have a terrible suspicion that something terrible and terribly evil is afoot. The mass media are making this company look like clowns. They are not! G4S are experts in security. Their technology, wealth and might makes it such a formidable machine that it may as well be a confederation of the CIA, Mossad and MI5. I mean, what on earth is a 'Guided Vehicle System' and why is it made by this firm if they're so cack-handedly useless for Heaven's sake? We are being cruelly deceived. I would not like to be in London over the next seven weeks. Keep calm, go to Confession, receive Our Blessed Lord and pray the Rosary because, remember, whatever happens over the course of the next six weeks, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.

For further: Listen to the investigative journalist's interview with Alex Jones.


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