Bizarre and Frankly Disturbing IOC Animation

Recently the IOC released this animation to promote the Olympics. Anyone would think the IOC have obtained the Third Secret of Fatima. I find it disturbing for its symbolism on many levels. The animation opens withe the masonic 'one eye' symbolism gracing the dollar bill, various corporations and institutions and now the Olympics imagery and its irritating one-eyed mascots. Firstly, whatever you think of Parliament, Big Ben is for us a symbol of national sovereignty and heritage, the rule of law and democracy. The five rings of the Olympics, representing the continents of the World are here represented as giants of the Earth - an elite described at the end of the promotion as 'The Best of Us'. Who are the 'Best of Us'? The Olympic athletes themselves or the corrupt officials organising this corrupt, supranational, pagan tour de farce?

The foot of the Olympic giant, presumably representing Europe dressed in blue, smashes into Big Ben and destroys a known monument to national sovereignty. A London bus is present at the point at which the blue foot destroys Big Ben, reminding the viewer of the 7/7 bombings. The revolving 'light' tower is in the background as the gap betwen London, Italy (represented by the Colosseum) and Greece (represented by the Acropolis) gets closer. A bright green vehicle that looks like it is made of uranium emerges from what looks like a London Underground tunnel on its way to God alone knows where. Hopefully not a stadium. All of the continents are pulled in - roped in, indeed - to form one cemented world. There is no 'choice' here. Nor is this is celebration of different cultures or individual sporting achievement. There don't appear to be too many people in that World. The Olympic giant of America is in garb redolent of both an ice-skater and a heavy SWAT commander and when he is 'on the pull' above his body are choppers surveying the citizens below as if to represent some kind of dark era of martial law. The woman in one continent appears to be almost thrusting the rope inside her while the other woman evades a private jet that flies past her, again with a look of sexual ecstacy on her face.

The foot of another giant stops a car dead in its tracks, symbolising in some way the end of individual liberty in that continent or everywhere. At 0:44 mins, on the coastline of another continent appears to be the Twin Towers covered in red, perhaps to symbolise a blood sacrifice that was made there or a sacrifice that will be made again. The woman in red appears to be rescuing a small group of survivors in what looks to be a massive flood. The green Olympic giant, complete with aryan blond hair and blue eyes pulls the whole thing together. The animation ends with joy and fireworks presumably not because the Olympics has been a success in London, which is the scene of carnage and destruction, but because the World has been brought into complete 'unity' by the violent force of an elite group who consider themselves totally above the rest of the World. The few 'little people' represented in the animation treat these giant figures like gods who have rescued them from a World of total chaos, violence and danger. The only figures left are the Olympic giants following what appears to be a white light engulfing the scene akin to that that marks the brightness of a huge nuclear explosion. The fire thrown out in unity by the Olympic giants starts out as a three-fold firey swirl that looks rather like '666' and continues to swirl until the Olympic rings form leaving the World with 'The Best of Us'.

Impressive animation but, if I may say so, it appears to have been made in incredibly poor taste. It does, however, sum up the 'spirit of the Olympics'. Concerning also is a statement made by the co-founder of the International Society of Olympic Historians when asked by Associated Press why no public statement had yet been made as to the place of the cauldron in the Olympic stadium. His reply? "There will be a cauldron," Mallon said. "I'll betcha the cauldron will rise out of the stadium somewhere." 

And as if all that is not bizarre and disturbing enough, get a load of this creepy BBC promotion for the Olympics complete with scenes of destruction, atomic explosion, riots, police enforcement, fire, mayhem and all to the tune of a chorus of children singing the London's Burning rhyme. Er...poor taste? Somewhat. Perhaps the powers that be are trying to create more conspiracy theorists at the same time as depopulating and enslaving the World. What with the police state gathering numbers and force in London, I'm sure Dr William Oddie is not alone in considering these Olympics to already amount to a national disaster.


Tim said…
Keep Calm and Sing the Little Office
Muriel from seaford said…
What have you been smoking, and you sure it's mot making you paranoid? You are seeing conspiracy theories in everything!
Lynda said…
When in Vilnius on a Divine Mercy pilgrimage recently, I saw that that symbol of "Divine Providence" (?) was to be found in many Catholic Churches and Shrines and on crosses. My son and I found it rather strange as we had come to associate the symbol of the eye in the triangle with masonry and large financial institutions rather than with Christianity.