Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Liberal Tyranny and the One True Faith

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I'm banning 'liberals' from my blog. Isn't that just so Stalinesque/Nazi of me?

Well, that's not quite the whole truth of the matter, actually.  Men and women whose opinions are gravely at odds with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church are free to disagree with me. They can do this by starting their own blogs and using their unique writing talents to communicate their more 'progressive' views on subjects that arouse interest within the Church in modern times. As Tina Beattie's blog reminds us on a regular basis, the stark truth of the matter is that 'liberals' don't really have that much to say that differs from what the World has to say anyhow. Still, if that is what floats your boat, who am I to hold it against you? It's your free time.

If these men and women, be they Catholic, or indeed not, wish to expand upon their own ideas and interpretations of the Catholic Faith then they are free to do so on their own blogs, or, alternatively in 'liberal' forums like PrayTell, where everyone is on the theological merry-go-round. This is not a liberal forum. It is a Catholic blog. Its Catholicity is derived from the writer's deep commitment to the doctrinal truths as expressed through the Magisterium.

The blog-o-sphere is gigantic. Myself and other Catholic bloggers faithful to the teaching authority of the Church, on an individual basis, constitute 'one voice among many'. I will not allow those who are faithful to the Magisterium, myself included, to be 'one voice among many' on my own blog which seeks to defend the teaching of the One True Faith. Therefore, opinions contrary to the Magisterium will not be published, because such a contradiction of opinion offered by those within the Church may leave visitors to the blog confused as to what the Church authoritatively teaches. In deleting comments which could lead Souls into error, I am only exercising the choice to do so when I "recognise dissent for what it is".

Society is very much, in modern times, a cauldron of ideas being cooked, from which laws are made and from which rulings are handed down by judges that do not do justice to even the roughest definition of justice. The Church, however, since the earliest times, has never been quite like that. The Church, in the Deposit of Faith guarded by the Successor of St Peter, Pope Benedict XVI, reflects Heaven where Christ is King. The last thing that I want to promote on my blog is the fallacy that either the Church, or indeed Heaven, is some kind of democracy in which truth is something defined and established by the opinion of a majority. Yes, Council's from Ephesus to the Second Vatican Council have declared authoritatively certain developments within the Church in many various matters. During all of these Councils the Holy Spirit was invoked to govern over the Church and to guide Her into all truth. None of these Councils were led by the Laity, nor even some priests or some theologians or even some Bishops or even a mixture of all three. These were and are trustworthy truths decreed by the Church with the Authority of Her Popes and Bishops, to be accepted by the Lay Faithful and the Priesthood and all of the World's Bishops because they were, and still are truths, accepted and taught by the Pope and faithful Bishops at a Magisterial level.

Certain commenters can therefore consider themselves warned that they can write what they choose in the comments box, but that if they continue to write content similar to what they have left there previously, which contradicts that which faithful Catholics believe to have been revealed by God to His Church, then they may not be wasting their breath as such, but they are wasting their keyboard time.

Isn't that just so Stalinesque of me? What a Nazi! No. If you don't like what I write, you can write what you want on your blog or another forum which welcomes dissent from the Magisterium. You can slag me off to your heart's content on your blog or on that forum. I promise I won't sue. You can call me all the names under the sun that you've called me on comments I refuse to publish. I defend your right to say it. Just not here. That is what the blog-o-sphere offers - a pluracy of views. This blog endeavours to offer just one view. Why? Because this is a Catholic blog that endeavours to communicate the Catholic Faith and report on news and events within the Church in the context of the Magisterium of the One True Church. Got that?

Pray for the Philippines where Michael Voris maintains the new Reproductive Health Bill includes clauses that threaten to imprison anyone, be they Bishop, Priest, or layman, should they protest against the law should it come into force. Want to know what Stalinism/Nazism is? That's what Stalinism/Nazism is! For evidence on our shores just look at the Jones's case yesterday, confirmation that once liberalism is established, a 'pluracy of views', even in wider society, does not last too long. Still, I could have told you that given the amount of vitriolic comments I have had while communicating the One True Faith.

If, however, you are commenting in good faith, with good will and you are genuinely interested in the Catholic Faith as expressed by the Magisterium, rather than seeking to undermine it, your comment will be published and I will endeavour to answer it as best I can, as I am sure will other commenters.


Jane said...

Brilliant. Obviously it had to be said.
In Christo pro Papa


Left-footer said...

Not Nazi, not Fascist, not Stalinist, just great, commendable common sense.

The Bones said...

If Tina doesn't want Catholic truth to be expressed on her blog that is fine. After all, her blog doesn't communicate it in the first place, so why should she? I'll comment on Tina's musings here.

John Q. Public said...

Bravo! Can we ban liberals elsewhere as well? (my personal choice is to send them all to Cuba and North Korea)

The Bones said...

Most would get on well enough in China.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lawrence. Genuine misunderstandings is one thing; covert dissent and manipulation from the inside is quite another. Keep up the good work.


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